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The Nebula Device

So, I've decided to take a look at the Nebula Device for game development. It looks pretty interesting. We'll see how it goes. Has anyone else used it or even tried it out? What did/do you think about it?




New guy on the block...

Developer's block. It's a bitch. I simply don't know how to get started. I have an excellent game idea, and I'm not a bad developer, but I just honestly don't quite know how to get going. Not in terms of design, but more in terms of engine. I'm a solo developer on my project, so picking the right SDK is an important decision to me. I really would rather work on the game development than engine development. There are so many though. Ogre, Irrlicht, some lower level stuff like SDL. Just trying to decide where to start is giving me freaking heartache and I don't know why. Anyone have any advice on this?

All of this is retarded anyway. I write code for a living. But the difference is, I work on a team writing code for the government, so we don't use any SDKs. So, I could do it that way, but that's not really fun. I want to write a game, not an engine. To me, that's just reinventing the wheel. But, As I'm not really used to using a prebuilt SDK, I want to find the right wheel for my game.

Anyway, I hope I can draw on the experience of everyone here to help me complete my task.



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