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Survivor Royale is a mobile phone game with a lot of people to kill. The rules of this game are simple enough to live to the end. Many novice players don't know how to play the game when they first come into contact with this kind of game. Here are some tips on how to play wilderness.


Survivor Royale's rookie guide


Parachute system


At the beginning of the game, there is a short warm-up time, after which the player is transported by the transporter over 1,000 meters. During the flight, the player can choose skydiving (click Eject) at any time, or mark the map and select the landing place.




During the jump, the player can determine his movement direction by the rocker, so that he can land correctly in the designated area.




Vehicle system


The map of the game is very large, so the player has arranged the walking tool to have faster transfer effect, convenient and faster access to the safe area.

When we reach the edge of the vehicle, there will be "Drive" or "Ride" interaction, select "Drive", you can drive the vehicle to move.

When your teammates choose to drive, choose "Ride" you can start together.




Safe azone/gas


In combat, to ensure that each battle can be controlled within a certain period of time, the safe zone/gas is designed in combat. The safe area will be reduced with the game time, and the player outside the safe zone will continue to be harmed.

The red area is the gas zone, the white area is the safe area, and the player needs to move constantly to reach the safe area to win the game.




Survivor Royale's recommendations


When you start skydiving, go to the middle of the map, make sure the car is there!Search one or two rooms, make sure you have a rifle, a backpack!


When the poison gas countdown, the air-drop plane arrived, directly into the car, go to a higher point, to see the direction of airdrop, go directly to chase!Pick up the equipment to run, if it is a sniper gun, eight times sniper rifle, go to this one of the nearest mountains, and make sure that there's no one on your mountain, and you can use the air-drop you've picked up for bait!Or go straight up to the mountain, continue to wait for the next wave of air drops, the airdrop will usually land in the edge of the safe zone, pick up the suit, Matamorez, rifle silencer, Geely suit, as long as you are not very good, will certainly hit people!


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