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Christmas 2018 is coming here. Christmas is one of the most important and wonderful festival of the year. This festival is a holiday for family after a busy year, everyone, every generation in the family gather together in these days. Christmas maintain love and common memories between family members. All people find their own way to build and boost the relation such as: having a common meal, sharing and listening stories, gathering beside a Christmas tree and many more.

According to the legend, Santa Claus will appear on Christmas Eve, he will come in every household by chimneys and giving presents that are in handmade socks that children hang near their beds, giving them a beautiful dream in the childhood on Christmas Eve. So parents often buy gifts and put them in the stockings so that children wake up and are happy with the gift of Santa Claus. This custom is the good way to encourages children to do good deeds to get Santa gifts. Today, make your own lovely socks with ColoringPagesOnly.

Material for handmade socks:

Needle, scissors, cloth (red, green, pink, white), ribbon, carton, adhesive, tinsel...

Step 1: Cut the two pieces of clothe with the shape of stockings, usually stockings will be large size to fit the gift. Sew two pieces of fabric together to form the socks.

Step 2: Take the carton and put it on the stocking, using adhesive to fix together.

Step 3: You can cut the fabric into shape of pine leaves to decorate the socks, add the beads to pine leaf.

Step 4: Cut a small piece of cloth to make a peg for stock. Then sew on the top of the socks as shown.

Step 5: Cut a piece of horizontal fabric, then embroidery or write on your name, using a tinsel to decorate and sew the new fabric to the top of the socks.

Your lovely gift stocking is completed; you can make some stockings for hanging on a tree, hanging near the fireplace, lying under a pillow or simply to decorate the Christmas atmosphere more lively. Wishing you many beautiful socks!

If you can’t make handmade Christmas stockings, you don’t worry. You have an aid; this is Christmas Coloring Pages. All they have to do is just download, print out these black and white coloring sheets. And then use colored pencils, crayons, markers, water colors etc to color these stockings. You can write poems, wishes on the pictures and finally put them on the Christmas tree, the fireplace and many more. Christmas coloring pages supplies lot of shapes for stockings, moreover, Coloringpagesonly supplies the images of Santa, Christmas trees, reindeer, snowman, elves, ornaments and more. Just roll down and click on an image / a title you'd like. It is easy to find your favorite images. There are three options: Download, Print Picture and Play Online. Coloringpagesonly uses technology to size pictures, thus you only just click on the coloring sheet and print out. Moreover, we also bring New Year Coloring Pages for you. Happy Christmas and New Year!


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