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About this blog


I have been coding a basic game engine for the past nine months or so (on and off) in C++ and DirectX 11, when I stumbled across khawks coding challenge (https://www.gamedev.net/forums/topic/693936-2018-new-year-challenge-missile-command/) which is to produce a missile command clone. So I thought, what better time to test out my engine in a real world scenario? This would quickly point out any flaws or lacking features, right?


The engine

The engine (as mentioned earlier) is coded in C++ and DirectX 11. It is designed to be extremely fast, extremely compact, easy to use, and produce a true single executable with all pre-requisites built in. The code is entirely my own and has absolutely no third party API's (with exception to the Microsoft Platform SDK). No licensing woes and I know what every single character of code does.


The game

Missile Command is one of my favorite Atari classics. When I saw this challenge come up, I had to give it a go. The remake will be very similar to the original, with maybe a twist or two. Essentially, the aim will be to blow missiles out of the sky before they destroy the cities below.

Elements I'll need (or want - time permitting) to code are as follows;

  • Screen to 3D space projection
  • Directional missiles
  • Score system
  • Ammo system
  • Basic collisions
  • Audio
  • Title screen
  • Probably lots more...



Thankfully my game engine is primarily written around making graphics easier to implement and manipulate.

Still early in yet, but this is where I am at roughly an hour or two after starting this project.


Allready, there is quite a bit going on. Some things immediately apparent and some not.

  • Main draw pass
  • Stencil pass
  • Horizontal blur pass
  • Vertical blur pass
  • Bloom pass
  • Effects pass (vignette and noise)
  • GUI


Next steps

Next step is to get the targeting cursor working and some missiles making their way to the targets.



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