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India is home to many exciting things - unique and special. Our vibrant culture, culinary extravaganza and our natural beauty to name a few reinforce a sense of celebration, excitement and a feeling of togetherness among us. Games have added their touch of magic to the awesome social fabric of our country. If games like hockey, cricket or wrestling invoke a sense of patriotism in us, card games like classic rummy have been binding people together by fostering healthy relationships. Even to this day, festivals like Diwali and Dussehra are incomplete without a game of rummy with family and friends. Indeed interesting!

Over the years, the humble Indian rummy that we played in our neighborhood has made inroads into the digital world. And today, it is one of the entertaining games online with a growing community of rummy lovers.

Have you ever wondered what has probably ticked with us making rummy so popular? In this article, we explore 5 logical reasons behind rummy becoming popular in India.

Reason 1: Simplicity of the game

The beauty of the game lies in the simplicity of its rules. Anyone who understands the concept of numbers and their matching is good enough to play rummy. You do not need extraordinary knowledge to play classic Indian rummy. In a country like India where taking education to every nook and corner of the country is still a challenge, people with an average literacy level too can learn and play the game successfully. 

Reason 2: Skill-based game

As rummy is all about the arrangement of cards into valid sets and sequences, it calls for a certain amount of skills. Hence, anyone who aspires to play rummy very well knows that certain skills are required to win the game. Since the game is not based on luck, people are ready to invest time and effort to master the skills and play the game.

Reason 3: Social card game

We Indians love our food, festivals and the fanfare associated with it. We are always on the lookout for reasons to share our joy and happiness with family and friends. And Indian rummy has been doing the job of bringing people together since ages. It is one such card game that every member of the group can play and enjoy. No wonder it is an integral part of our lives.

Reason 4: Legal status

The Supreme Court declared that rummy is a skill game and playing rummy online or playing cash games is legal has encouraged rummy lovers to pursue the game undeterred. As the element of ambiguity got cleared, the legal status of the game has led to its online growth too. 

Reason 5: Convenience of playing online

The easy-to-do registration process, multiple gaming options, safe and secure payment and withdrawal facilities, and a fair and attractive gaming environment has further added to the growth of players who play rummy online. The easy availability of smartphones and better data plans has now made online rummy just a tap away.

Final thoughts

With the growing popularity of rummy in India, the years to come will witness many innovations and features being added to the game making Indian rummy an exciting experience to enjoy.

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