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Pixelpunk XL is a pixelated old school first person shooter with rogue-like mechanics set in sci-fi environment.


Entries in this blog


In this devlog I want to show you how the combat with a boss will look like. You appear in a large room with a weird contraption in the middle of it. This contraption is a boss who attacks you immediately. There are several platforms around, where smaller enemies appear time by time. Also you can find some places with replenishments for health and ammo. You need to move a lot to dodge the boss's ammo and shoot the smaller enemies which chase you. And of course the main action is shooting at the boss which has a lot of health. 

The video in toxic display mode is here:


Hey guys,

The sixth devlog is here. Today I want to demonstrate another experiment with post processing filters. New Whitish mode will be available in the main menu. The player can choose Toxic mode or Whitish mode as alternative to the standart Pixelated mode. I considered that it would be fun.

So, here is the video:

The main menu will look like this:



The fifth devlog is a video demonstration of my experiment with post processing filters. I found the following result interesting, it can be an option in the main menu - the player can choose how his gameplay process will look. It looks completely different from the standard pixelated mode. 

Here is the video:



Hello everyone,

The game received a major update in the past 2 weeks. Now there are 2 new enemy types and 3 new weapons for the player. Also the game now has gamepad support, camera shake and lens distortion at high speed, info panels for player's ammo and health, replenishments of ammo and health which drop from exploded enemies.

Kamikaze and Electroshock are 2 new enemies which player will meet in the rooms and tunnels. The first one chases the player till collision and then explodes, the second one - hits the player with electric shock from a short distance. Here's how they look:


Player's weapon arsenal has been improved with rockets for the right gun and 2 new weapons for the left gun. Next are screenshots showing all the above in action:



Updated gameplay video is coming soon!


Hi guys! 

The second entry for Pixelpunk XL devlog is here. All new and interesting from the development is described below.   

In the last week I was working a lot on the new constructions and sci fi panels to decorate some rooms and tunnels. Now the biggest rooms have completely different look and it changes every time after random generation of the level. 




I am still working on the post procession filters which make the retro style look.



Work on lighting never stops and here are some new examples and screenshots.




There is still a lot of work on random levels, but now I'm starting to think about bosses. What will they look like? We'll see.

Hello everyone! 

In the first devlog I want to introduce my game and show what have been done recently.

Pixelpunk XL is a pixelated old school first person shooter with rogue-like mechanics set in sci-fi environment. It is similar to old games, such as Descent and Forsaken, but with rogue-like gameplay type. 

Early gameplay prototype is here:

IndieDB page:


The levels generates  randomly, combining different types of tunnels and rooms. Also in each room and big tunnel there are obstacles and decorations, which appear randomly after generating of the main level. The game has different types of enemies, also I plan to add several bosses with unique environment. 

The most of tunnels and rooms are already set, in the past couple of weeks I have added 2 new types of enemies:



Also some new types of tunnels have been added:



The decorations and obstacles will make each level look unique, there is a lot of work to do, but here are some recent examples:




Just for fun:


Happy holidays! 

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