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About this blog

Dear diary, I'm leaving you for my GDNet journal. Please don't be mad, we can still be friends!

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Introduction to Existence (Help wanted!)

I joined Sledge Hammer two months ago as the Lead Programmer, quite a task considering the size of this project. If you don't know anything about it, it is a 3D MMO, so that alone gives you a good idea of the work involved.

Right now we have four programmers:
Myself - Lead Programmer
Anthony - Network/Server Programmer
Robert - Graphics Programmer
Chris - Graphics/Physics Programming

They are all excellent at what they do.

Chris is away, busy with some real life issues, and Rob is very busy with school at the moment, though he does find some time to work on the project. Rob is working on a scene exporter to get our level files from Max into Ogre3D. He has it functional in a basic form currently. Anthony is working on our Login Server, and I'm working with Anthony on the Server and other misc. tasks.

Working with a distributed team is quite a challenge, I don't see these guys every day, sometimes I'll go a few days without seeing them. Things move much, much slower than I would like, but there isn't much I can do about that. I hope to update with more details on the project and our progress in future entries. Thanks for reading!

Client Programmer

We are looking for a client programmer to work with two programmers working on the server. We have one other graphics programmer who is working on a scene exporter for our level files, though he is very busy with school at the moment.

Relevant Skills:
Knowldege of Ogre3D/CEGUI

Serious only please. This is an independant game development group and it is not funded currently. We hope to gain a sponsor as soon as we have enough completed to give a proper demo.

Title: Existence
FPS/Mech/Rpg elements (very few like this out in the market)
Engine: Ogre
Website: Sledge Hammer Productions (under revision)
Active CVS server
Active forums
Skilled Department Leads




Some doesn't like what I said...

I just noticed my rating dropped about 70 points. I don't remember saying anything TOO harsh to anyone. Someone must be a little touchy :(.

And all this time of being helpful where I can, my rating goes down the drain. Not like it matters that much, but it's still pretty shitty since I really do look at peoples ratings to judge them to a certain extent, and I imagine other people on here do as well.



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