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About this blog

Dev blog for my upcoming game! Omega Battle Royale will be a 2D Free for all fight til the death game! Follow my blog here! 

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Welcome to OBR - the future of Battle Royale!

Hello everyone! I'm Dripz - a Java, C, and forums dev! I've had a many ventures in my long steady path in the development field. I started developing java in my junior year of high school as an elective - and it's just kept going since then. My newest project will be a 2D Battle Royale Game! Now - I'm sure anyone in the gaming scene knows there's two big topics (among many others) but right now 2D MMORPG's have (and have been) huge! There's some really simplistic games - that have really launched and built some great communities. Second is Battle Royale! PUBG - Fortnite - iPhone games - Android games - you catch my drift! So - why not mix the two and make a 2D Battle Royale game - so we can get the best of both worlds.   Who doesn't want the feel of killing 100's of enemies, being the victor, gaining gold, getting flashy new clothes, and being number 1 in the world? But then again.. who doesn't want to have an awesome in game community, with great players, great owners, devs, staff, all the way down to the most important part... the player base. I'm here to bring the best of both worlds. My vision will bring you a great PVP content where you can kill 100's of other players a day (and maybe die a few hundred times your self!) but outside of the PVP have a great lounge to hangout in, chat, change your looks, maybe even set up your own player base or home to hangout with your buddies.   Follow my blog for my development and let's watch this game come to fruition! I'll be posting on the forums here looking for lead devs, forums support, in game admins, and GFX artists so keep your eye out!   



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