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Scholars in a college in Turkey's capital city of Ankara have developed an internet game to assist sight-impaired men and women enhance their eyesight.

"The consumer can create eye exercises with distinct games in groups such as focusing, leaping, after, and peripheral and central vision," Ça??ltay said.

From the matches, the user may burst bows or move a ball towards a target by focusing together with their own eyes.

"So this empowers users to have a look at a place and concentrate for some time, and it is clear if they are appearing there on purpose or not," he clarified.

The 24/7 availability of the internet platform motivates users to perform the exercises anytime they want.

"The machine does not require a mentor for exercises, since they could be performed in the home," Ça??ltay said.

When a user's eyesight becomes greater, the games adjust for tougher, and the system could report back to your physician just how well the user will, he added.

Ça??ltay stated they founded a business called Eyesoft in METU's Teknokent, the university's tech development zone, devoted to assisting the sight impaired, and the machine is currently in the trial period and should be accessible mid-2018.

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