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About this blog

A blog detailing the ongoing developmental process of the Meteor Bombardment Series. Posts made to this blog are not a direct reflection of the current state of development. Posts are created at certain milestones and scheduled for releases a week after the last post. Therefore developmental status is always further than blog content.

  • Current Project: Meteor Bombardment 1
    • Status: Technical Demo Creation
    • Genre: Fixed Shooter
    • Engine: Unity
    • Platform: PC
    • Art Style: 8-bit Pixel Graphics
    • Release Type: Free


Entries in this blog


Pixel Meteor Bombardment 1 Devblog 02

Meteor Bombardment 1 Devblog 02 Development Status Overview Current State: Technical Demo Creation - 15% Complete The Game Theory is completed, and a programmer has been recruited. A Technical Demo is currently being developed. Technical demo creation has begun by creating a test level in order to test the controls, and overall balance of the game and waves system. The project section of Gamedev.net has begun to be filled out, and will launch along side the project upon completion. Level backgrounds and level theory is being worked on with 5 levels being designed each representing a region; Americas, Europe, Asia, Africa, Oceania. Teasers Level 1 - The Americas - Some of the Iconic Landmarks Chichen Itza C.N. Tower Cristo Redentor Title Screen Demonstration Specific Project Goals Concept Design Technical Design Game Theory Level Theory Recruit Team Programmer Audio Engineer Asset Creation Placeholder Art Level Backgrounds Start Screen Cover Art Sound Effects Level Music Technical Demo Alpha Testing Develop Full Game Test Game In-House Beta Testing Outside  Beta Testing Web Footprint Social Media Presence Website Other Sites Launch as Free Title

Jon Bon

Jon Bon


Meteor Bombardment Series Devblog 02

Meteor Bombardment Series Devblog 02 Introduction This developers blog goes over the inspiration for the game, some of the considerations taken into the series as a whole as well as a deeper look into the overall goals and direction for the series. Series Inspiration The inspiration for the game series came from initially wanting to develop a game with simple mechanics in order to see a project to completed status. Wanting to make something akin to a late 70's/early 80's game, Tetris, Space Invaders and Asteroids were the first games to come to mind. It was decided that something involving meteors might be used as inspiration. The next few days were spent mentally conceiving what might be enjoyable as a similar game experience. After deciding that a series of incoming attacks designed in a 'waves' type format with the player controlling a ship that shoots the incoming projectiles, physical sketches of concepts were created. Thinking further about the reasoning behind why the player was performing what the game required of them, a basic story was created wherein Earth was being bombarded by meteors redirected by an alien force wishing to thin out the population before a proper invasion begun. Wanting to include a level progression system similar to Tetris, meteor speeds increasing as the player continues through levels was decided upon. Once the sketches encapsulated the base concept for the game, a design document was created along with a pixel art styled visual representation of combat. Research The initial title for the game series was intended to be Meteor Invasion, however upon researching similar games it was discovered that a game by that same name had already been created. Thus the name Meteor Bombardment was chosen. During the research phase two like games were also discovered, however both games had varying mechanics from what the overall goals were for the series. This was a crucial discovery as infringement on someone else's intellectual property is not exactly desirable.  Direction Goals Meteor Bombardment 1 will ultimately act as a technical demo/proof of concept for Meteor Bombardment 2. The concept behind this is to bring something to completion while building a small team capable of executing the needs of the project. As the project progresses we will be releasing documentation to help demonstrate how the game was designed, and programmed. This will include technical and concept design documents. This is in an effort to show our process, not only in the hopes to inspire other developers, but also in order to gain feedback and advice from other developers so that as a development team we can learn, grow, and teach.  

Jon Bon

Jon Bon


Pixel Meteor Bombardment 1 Devblog 01

Meteor Bombardment 1 Devblog 01 Genre: Fixed Shooter Engine: Unity Platform: PC Art Style: 8-bit Pixel Graphics Current State: Technical Design Phase - 30% Complete   Game Description Aliens from a distant planet have begun redirecting meteors and attack ships at earth in order to wipe out as much of the population as possible before they invade. Using the only salvaged alien attack ship, you must work to destroy the meteors before they impact with earth and kill off its population.   Development Status Overview Conceptual design for the game is completed. Technical Design has begun, which involves defining how meteors and attack ships will travel, how many hits needed to destroy meteors and attack ships, as well as level design theory. Attached to this blog is the album for the game which includes the conceptual design image. When Technical Design is completed images regarding the technical aspects will be uploaded to the same album, with a new developer blog posted.   Project General Goals Concept Design Technical Design Recruit Team Develop Game Test Game Launch as Free Title

Jon Bon

Jon Bon


Meteor Bombardment Series Devblog 01

Meteor Bombardment Series Devblog 01 Genre: Fixed Shooter Engine: Unity Platform: TBD Art Style: Pixel Graphics Games Planed: 3 Meteor Bombardment: Technical Design Phase - 20% Complete Meteor Bombardment 2: Technical Design Phase - 80% Complete Meteor Bombardment 3: Conceptual Phase - 50% Complete The Meteor Bombardment Series is a project intended to represent the technical aspects and art style of games spanning over multiple past game eras. Starting with Meteor Bombardment, done in an 8 bit style and limited mechanics. Then moving onto Meteor Bombardment 2 using a 16 bit style and with added mechanics. Ultimately ending with Meteor Bombardment 3 using a 64 bit style with even more mechanics added. Design for the series has begun, and initially started with what is now Meteor Bombardment 2, saving more complex ideas for that game's sequel. After consideration it was decided that even the core concept could be scaled down to its base elements, with the more complex mechanics added to a sequel. Thus ultimately creating a trilogy. The development blogs titled "Meteor Bombardment Series" will follow the series development as a whole, with development blogs started for each specific game. The long term goal for the series is to create an arcade game pack including this series among other developed games. In the short term each game will be released as a standalone game. For information regarding each game, check out the developers blog relating to the different games in the series. The first game specific developer blog is scheduled to post tomorrow!

Jon Bon

Jon Bon

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