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My views on making, designing, and promoting games. More on my Dallas Game Marketing Blog

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Game Programming Resources

Game Programming Resources Rodrigo Monteiro, who has been making games for twenty years now, started a thread on Twitter for sharing his favorite game programming resources. I then collected those and a few responses and indexed them into a Twitter moment here: Here’s what was in the thread:  Game Networking: Development and Deployment of Multiplayer Online Games by IT Hare / No Bugs’ Hare is a multiplayer game programming resource split into nine volumes; the first of which is available here on Amazon. Linear Algebra:    Geometry – Separating Axis Theorem (for collision detection): How to implement 2D platformer games: Pathfinding: OpenGL Tutorial: Audio Programming: OpenAL Effects Extension Guide (for game audio): Entity Component Systems provide an alternative to object-oriented programming. Entity Systems are the future of MMOG development: What is an entity system framework for game development? Understanding Component-Entity-Systems: Alan Zucconi blogs about shaders and game math for developers on his site: AI Steering Behaviours: Bartosz Olszewski blogs about game programming here: How to write a shader to scale pixel art: Here’s podcast on C++ programming: Note: This post was originally published on my blog as game programming resources.



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