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Bringing a fascinating combination of enhanced productivity and robust security to the global enterprise customers, the much touted Android 8.0 has made its debut worldwide on a selected models. This new release that aims to change the way enterprises operate is built on the unwavering investments Google has made to come up with an Android which is stronger, highly productive, and quite easier to manage for the enterprise level customers.

The very first teaser of this new mobile operating system from Google’s Android division “Android 8.0 Oreo” was released in March 2017. Later, in the month of August 2017, the company didn’t shy away from unveiling it as the biggest competitor for iOS 11. However, now that the version is finally amongst us, we’ve arrived at the conclusion that this version is not simply just a product for general individuals like us, it’s a product that targets more towards the business world, too.

Anyway, enough of the talks! How about we take a look at some of the key areas where Google has made ginormous efforts for the sake of enhancing its services for the enterprise? We’ve taken the opportunity of listing a few such promising enterprise level elements promised by Android 8.0.

Separate Personal and Work Profiles

Android 8.0 operating system includes an outstanding feature known as Work Profile. The best of both the worlds is offered to the users here, separating personal and work data in a way that IT holds the security assurance it wants meanwhile allowing users to access their personal applications on the phone.  For managing the work data and corporate information, IT holds the full control. Meanwhile, it also keeps the employee data like photos and apps separate. With Android Oreo, devices owned by multinational corporates can leverage the feature of work profiles. This allows the enterprises to retain the control over devices separating the personal and work data. This kind of management node is absolutely perfect for COPE (corporate owned personally enabled) deployments.

Zero Touch Enrollment

This feature is a yet another exciting attribute Oreo has to offer. Zero enrollment means that enterprises hold the power to get the devices of employees, up and running within the matter of a few seconds. This is possible because the enterprise mobility settings are pre-configured. This way, users can get the benefit of quick on-boarding and start using the smartphone right after the box. Additionally, the mobile devices can also be configured online. A single tap is all it takes for a user to set up their work profiles without any further steps or instructions.

Robust Enterprise Level Security

Oreo comes with a robust security enhancement which shall ease the concerns of several enterprises to handle the fleet of their device. For example, Project Treble offered in Oreo hikes the security by segmenting the core Android framework from the vendor implementation. The modular approach restricts every hardware abstraction layer to its processes only so every HAL has access to only the kernel and hardware driver it requires. The enhanced beefed up the framework and sandboxing makes it quite difficult for compromises to penetrate the core.

Google Play Protect (Stricter Implementation)

It is always on security service that scans various devices for malware and actively blocks harmful and suspicious apps. Admins now hold the right to restrict unknown or risky applications from being installed on the device set. New APIs are being provided in order to allow the administrators to validate the posture of security of the entire device fleet, which includes details of the installed apps. Secure password reset is also included in the latest release to help the user navigate smoothly through the process of password recovery on the encrypted devices.

Wrapping It Up!

With these powerful capabilities and features, Android Oreo assists the cause of innovation and enterprise mobility with its secure and flexible platform. Additionally, Google Play Protect helps strengthen Management APIs and security APIs. It helps admins to exercise control and permission across various devices. Android Oreo is certainly on the verge of becoming everyone’s favorite cookie.

About Author:

Bhavesh Surani is the Head of E-Commerce & Mobile Application in Brainvire Infotech Inc. Holding 15+ years of experience in IT sector, he helps various startups, business and enterprise to grow business with apt strategies and robust web and mobile app development solutions.

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