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About this blog


Here we (it's just me, but 'we' makes me sound important) aim to create games which might not be the usual. I focus on semi-polished prototypes to explore game ideas and allow for a transparent development process.

I have spent the past 4 years working on some tech so that I can create full games. I am now leaving my cave...

My first prototype is available online free here https://yesindiedee.itch.io/is-this-a-game I am currently trying my hardest to get the deployment right. If it works for you please let me know!

My Life

My choice to pursue this dream has lead my life down a rather strange path, I quit a 'normal' job a pretty long time ago. Since then I have gone from living the 'standard' way to now living a nomadic life. I create vlogs with my partner of our adventures. available here https://www.youtube.com/livelifeinabox



Entries in this blog


Releasing is scary

I have released my first free prototype! https://yesindiedee.itch.io/is-this-a-game How terrifying! It is strange that I have been working to the moment of releasing something to the public for all of my adult life, and now I have I find it pretty scary. I have been a developer now for over 20 years and in that time I have released a grand total of 0 products. The Engine The engine is designed to be flexible with its components, but so far it uses Opengl, OpenAL, Python (scripting), CG, everything else is built in The Games When I started developing a game I had a pretty grand vision, a 3D exploration game. It was called Cavian, image attached. and yep it was far to complex for my first release. Maybe I will go back to it one day. I took a year off after that, I had to sell most of my stuff anyway as not releasing games isn't great for your financial situation. THE RELEASE When I came back I was determined to actually release something! I lowered my sights to a car game, it is basically finished but unfortunately my laptop is too old to handle the deferred lighting (Thinkpad x220 intel graphics)  so I can't test it really, going to wait until I can afford a better computer before releasing it. Still determined to release something I decided to focus more on the gameplay than graphics. Is This A Game? Now I have created an Experimental prototype. Its released and everything: https://yesindiedee.itch.io/is-this-a-game  So far I don't know if it even runs on another computer. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated! If you have any questions about any process in the creation of this game design - coding - scripting - graphics - deployment just ask, I will try to make a post on it. Have a nice day, I have been lurking on here for ages but never really said anything..... I like my cave  



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