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2017 has come and gone. Since it is the start of a new year, mobile RPG players know that it is time to look for a new game to get addicted to. Sticking to the same games over and over again becomes boring, where’s the challenge when you have already defeated every villain in the land, right? For gamers who want to get ahead of gaming trends, here’s a list of the best mobile RPG games for smartphones and tablets to look forward to this 2018:


Free mobile RPG games are very rare, especially when you want a great one. This is where Honorbound stands out. This free app for both  Android on the Play Store and  iOS on the App Store  comes with fantastic graphics and exciting adventures. Players have the opportunity to form their own squads and as they succeed in their battles they can collect over 100 different heroes for their team. Best of all, the arena is always ready for a battle because there are over 1000 players ready to fight for their honor.

Fight evil in the land of HonorBound where you can immerse in a fantasy world where you live together with dragons, orcs, and the undead. Restore the balance of the realm and be the hero you’ve always imagined yourself to be. Download this RPG game for mobile phones and tablets and you’ll find yourself hooked on the game. It is available in 8 different languages so everyone around the world can play and battle with each other. Test your will and strength and see if you have a rightful claim to the throne of HonorBound.

The Bard’s Tale

Anyone who is nostalgic for the 80’s RPG game that changed the entire genre as we know it today must have The Bard’s Tale on their phone or tablet. It was one of the first RPG game available on mobile and it is still one of the best games to try today. Players will have a blast with the quirky, blunt, and witty dialogue while engaging in truly entertaining tomfoolery. Go on quests, upgrade your character, and enjoy because The Bard’s Tale is not losing its appeal anytime soon.

Have the chance to change each outcome with every encounter by choosing either the nice or snarky dialogue option. You will never know how a situation will unfold because it will change depending on your response. This means the game is always new and interesting, even for seasoned players.

Final Fantasy

No RPG game enthusiast will be as hooked on this type of gameplay without ever going through the Final Fantasy series. This RPG is considered as one of the best classics that keeps people on their toes with the next installment. From its humble beginnings to how massive Final Fantasy is today in the mobile gaming world, each new game release is always worth looking forward to. It is very easy to get lost in this other world in just a matter of minutes. Now that it comes with 3D graphics (starting from the release of FFVII) and intricate plot lines similar to the famed FFVI, FFXIV is definitely a must download for RPG gamers all over the world.

There's also the Final Fantasy: War of the Lions that blends strategy and RPG gaming elements. It has a well-written plot that will surely glue your eyes onto your device

King Of Dragon Pass

The great thing about the best mobile RPG games today is that they aren’t just focused on roleplaying anymore. With games like the popular King Of Dragon Pass players can also build their empire, which is another very popular genre with today’s mobile gamers. Everyone who plays the King Of Dragon Pass gets a chance to lead their own clan of the fledgling council while the people of the kingdom claim their own lands all over Dragon Pass. Beware however because your neighbors are always plotting to take over your land if you aren’t careful.

This RPG game is very interactive and includes just about everything you want in a mobile game. Players will never have a dull moment when playing King of Dragon Pass because there are over 500 different interactive scenes to keep you entertained and glued to your screens.


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