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Back again


First, I'd like to say, thank you to all of you who responded to my last entry (and especially to Mushu). I guess I had known that all along, but had dispairigingly forgotten what was important. It's good having you all ere to remind me.

So anyhow, it's Sunday night, and I've made good progress with the design of the second to last level. Not much to say about it, it's really all more of the same. Well, I mean, there's innovation in the design, and I'm always offering unique and origional environments, but let's face it, I've been drawing these damn graphs on and off for about a year. I'm a little tired of rulers, graph paper, and mechanical pencils altogether.

But on a happier note, I got around to some gaming today. I've been trying out different MMORPGs to see if I can actually find one to suit my needs. Tried a free one called Flyff. Loved it at first. Interface was great, loved the graphics (even though they were kinda cutesy). It was fun to play, level, and guess what... you can fly! Worlds first fly-compatible MMO, with floating islands to explore and everything. It's nice and big, and lots of people play it. Problem? It's just levelgrinding. The quests basically completely suck, and have no depth. After you fly at level 20, there's nothing to encourage you beyond that (besides new equipment and the prospect of being... higher level?). I just wasn't motivated at all to keep playing. Oh, and the community is aweful. Everyones a complete ***hole, and the communication interface sucks, which doesn't help the situation.

Went back and looked at Ultima Online. First MMO I ever played (I was something like 9 or 10 years old). Didn't download it again, though, cause I figure that ol' horse has been beaten to death over the years, and it's probably a dead game by now. I also downloaded Ragnarok Online. Only had to play it for about an hour to realize that A) the interface sucks, B) the combat is unbalanced, and, C) No one plays it anymore.

I can't really find an MMO to suit my needs, which is unfortunate. I just want a game that plays smoothly, has a strong community, and motivates me to keep playing. I remember WoW. It had everything! I progressed in levels, I met new people, I was constantly motivated, it looked great, it played well, and it was rewarding. And then I got to end-game, and fast. I realized that the progression stopped. There was no more leveling, nothing new. Beyond that, I was a paladin, so a well-rouned character that was respected by all quickly became an unwanted buff-bot.

I figure this: I go and buy a console game, and I pay x amount of money for x amount of content. If I'm paying constantly, I should be getting good hard content constantly. It shouldn't stop at level 20. And in games where you can (like in WoW) reach level cap in 1 or 2 months, it shouldn't even stop there! Ugh, whatever. I'm going to go get work done.

Keep it real.


PS: While playing Flyff, I ran into a character called Mithrandir... could it be?

Mua Ha Ha


So I've finished the graphing for level 7. pwn3d. Only 2 more to go, and I'm so done, which is e-leet. 7 is one of those sidescroller levels where the screen scrolls upward at a constant rate and you have to battle your way to the top of the level (and if you fall below the bottom margin of the screen, you die). It was super hard to design, cause it's rough not making a verticle decent redundant. But once again, I've pulled it together.

And now, a quick paragraph about my personal life. It's summer, and I have not much to do. My girlfriend is in Louisina where she's doing reconstruction work, and she'll be back in a few days. Also, I'll have alot of new time to work on the project. My hair is in a fohawk, and I can play a mean guitar now.

You know what's really depressing? I've been looking around at the other programmers who are either my age or who have been programming as long as I have, and you know what? They progress so much faster than me. You know why? Cause of this damn project!! It's holding me back. I can't move on until I'm finished. You know what, though? I made a dedication to finish this thing, so that's what I'm going to do. But I've got to do it now, cause I feel like I'm being left in the dirt. I know 1 language, 1 API, and a small library of code structures. That's nothing. All of the other guys are working on new demos, projects, new APIs, things like OpenGL... I need to be able to move on.

Going to bed now, it's getting late. Oh, and I'll have teh p1kt4rz up soon, cause I wanna keep up a reputation of lots of images on teh j0urn4l.



So, have I proven to be the most unreliable person with a GDNet+ account? Haha, yes! I'm starting to give new meaning to the actual function behind my "GDnet: The Gathering" card (as shown above). I could give a hundred reasons as to why I disappeared before, but I won't. Cause who wants to read those. It's really the same lame excuses anyway.

So I start applying for colleges in like, 3 months. You know what that means? Time to get up off my ass. For real. I'm almost done with all that level design I've been cramming away at for, what, a year now on and off? It needs to be done, and I need to move on. It's the one thing that's been holding me back, and destroying my interest in my own project. Tonight I finish level 7, and then I want 8 and 9 to be done and polished by the end of next week. And then that is it!

But this time I'm not making any promises, so don't take my word for it. Anyhow, I'll be reading your journals and keeping updated, but the most important thing is that I work. Hard. Now.

More later.




Ugh, I hate level design so much. Hopefully I can polish all of it off in the next 2 weeks or so. I've finished bare bones for levels 5 and 6, and 1-4 are completely implemented. I just need to complete 5 and 6 with labeling and finish 7-9. Then it's coding coding coding right to the end of time.

I can't wait to get back on the programming side of things. And I need to find something interesting to write about in my journal. Alright, here's the promise: Nice big entry in the next couple of days with p1ktarz or scr33nies and nice details about the project's progress and my plans for the future. I'm tired of complaining about level design and not being able to program. Time to finish this thing off and move on.

Oh, and I need to get my funny back. I was going through my old entries, and I was thinking "Wow, alot of this stuff is actually kind of funny. I miss being the way I was." I have to get in touch.

More later.


Hahaha, WHAT UP!?

Yeah, you know who it is. And I know you missed me. Immensely. Let's face it... this was the best journal ever? I think so.

God, it's been too long, hasn't it. Now, I know what you're thinking... "Aren't you making some grand re-entrance for like, the second time now?". So yeah, I got a bit distracted with a few things. But you know what's coming? Summer. You know what summer means? It means the game needs to be done. Like, ready to be sold locally done. So I have, like, 2 months. Hahaha, time to kick into gear, huh?

Looks like the site got a makeover when I was gone. Yeah, I guess I've been gone too long. I've used my super-cool GDNet+ membership to change my skin so it looks like it used to be again. Oh man, I missed my crew so much. You guys better start reading this again, cause my journal is godly.

So update: I got was doing alot of school work, flaked off on the project, played alot of WoW, flaked off on that when I got engaged, and overall have been working toward college. Oh yeah, about that... college applications begin in, what, 4 months? Completely snuck up on me. So I guess that means it's time to kick it into gear. Step up the grades, the skills, the portfolio. Time to seriously get things done.

So here's the plan of action: the reason the project has been on hold for the past few months is because the artist I was working with had computer troubles. That was a month and a half ago. So I dropped her from the project. Now the next step is designing the rest of the levels, implementing, designing the hell out of some new object systems, and polishing this thing off by aquiring me an artist.

Ugh, I have to go get work done on level design. Yay. More later.



I'm convinced that no one reads this anymore (except nilkn). So, I've finally gotten level 4 finished. I do believe that looking back at it after I finish the project, I will realize that it was the hardest to both design and implement. It's kind of shaped like this (starting at top left, ending at top right)

[EDIT]: ASCII art removed. It's all screwed up...

Wow, first ASCII art I've done in my life (if that's even the right abreviation). So now it's back to the graphs again (unfortunately). I wish I had a picture to show you of my hard work in graphing and such. Maybe soon I'll scan up a page of graphing and show it's symboitic screenshot and you'll realize how much I have to draw to get an 800x600 screen. Oh well, for now I have a picture of me during an interview for my podcast. Everyone subscribe! (I know none of you have, except nilkn, cause I checked the numbers. Check my last entry for more info...)

So anyhow, I'm doing the last recording for the first feature-legth episode tomorrow. That's exciting. I'm interviewing a guy from EGM. And I have to updating my b*llshit "Gamer Blog" at 1up.com for publicity. I also have to whore myself to some forums. But hey, whatever it takes to get people to listen. I need listeners...

Anyhow, more tomorrow!




I know you guys didn't subscribe to my podcast... but I'll forgive you if you go do it now. Infact, here is a sopy of a paragraph from my last entry about how to subscribe and support us...

You can go to it at Yahoo! Podcasts here, and rate us up! The more ratings we get, the more publicity we get. If you're going to subscribe to it anywhere, do it there. The easiest way to help us out is to vote for us here. It only requires a quick email verification. Oh, you can also subscribe in iTunes if you want.

So we did an interview with Mikey Dowling from GamesAreFun. It went fantastically, and instead of having to worry about sapping every little details to come out of it with 5 minutes of good content, I got a full 18 and a half. So we talked Castlevania DS (along with some other titles), and that should be available in Monday's episode. Wait a second... did I already say all that last entry?

I also talked with Shane Bettenhausen (of the review crew for EGM) about coming on the show to discuss Wanda and the Colossus, so we should be doing that Sunday. Infact, Sunday is our big day for recording, and I'll have a special co-host for the day, who'll be assiting me in talking about Fire Emblem for the Gamecube... and being really effing funny.

So anyhow, but sure to subscribe to Games Avant-Garde, give feedback, and I'll write more later.


Whoo hoo!


Hey there! Sorry for being so infrequent, I've been a bit tied up lately... but I am hard at work! First, lets talk about the game!

I've been working through the kinks with level 4. When I first ran it, it was so buggy. Everything was wrongly perportioned and out of place... took me and hour of going through the design spreadsheets to fix everything. Ugh, I really shouldn't rush these things. So anyhow, this is a screeny of level 4...

It's a sewer level that the main character is forced into after his flight from the first boss. It's the most complex level I've designed, but hopefully I'll be able to put the final gloss on it soon and move on to the next endevour (the subway station level... toughest challange yet...).

So my artist situation is getting significantly better. I have a new concept artist who's ::gasp:: my age, ::gasp:: reliable, and ::gasp:: and a female. She does great work. She did a sample sprite that was really big, and I loved it. So she's going to be working on some things for us starting pretty soon. Should give me some human interaction on the project outside of Brucker.

So, I have a podcast now! It's called Games Avant-Garde. You'll have to excuse the introductory episode. We sounded really newbish... but the next episode we have lined up is great! I already have a fantastic interview recorded (did it only an hour ago). I thought I would bomb it, but it couldn't have gone any better.

Anyhow if you want to support the cast, you can go to it at Yahoo! Podcasts here, and rate us up! The more ratings we get, the more publicity we get. If you're going to subscribe to it anywhere, do it there. The easiest way to help us out is to vote for us here. It only requires a quick email verification. Oh, you can also subscribe in iTunes if you want.

Funny thing, if you go to the Podcast Alley one, we only need 5 votes to be in the top 100 for our category. We need your help!

Well anyhow, more later!


New Entry


Hey, sorry for no new posts. I didn't have much to write about in terms of developement. Tomorrow I run throught the structure of the code for the fourth level and plug in a bunch of coordinate points. Then I should be able to run through the level. Then I'll have screenies. Anyhow, on to art.

This is Bruckner's latest peice on ADLR-23...

Alright... this... is friggin awesome! So I'm giving Bruckner a week and a half of break. And buying him the new Castlevania on DS. So he'll be a happy camper. Plus, I need the game to catch up with the concept art (which as you can imagine, moves infinately faster than the programming).

Alright, so for the big news...

I've started a podcast. It's called Games Avant-Garde, and I've got the introductory episode already recorded. We brought some guys into the studio, have a tech guy, and announcer, and I'm right there in the spotlight as the host. This podcast is about discussing mainstream games, exploring games in an intellectual and annalytical fashion, and just having a great time.

Our introductory episode is 8 minutes long, packed with serious content. It explains what we're about, the future of the cast, and how to contact us. For our first debut substantial episode, we have high profile interviews. We're even sitting down to discuss "Shadow of the Colossus" (incredible game, if you havn't heard about it) with Shane from the EGM review crew. We're setting up a date and time for the interview now...

So wish me luck everyone. I'll write another entry when we're up on iTunes tomorrow night!



Sorry for missing so many entries. I'm still hard at work, and I'll have another art-filled entry with serious content tomorrow. I hanv't disappeared...




Short entry, not much to say. I'm burning through the laborious task of going through the level 4 schematics and labeling dimentions, coordinates, and 'naming' in order to prep it for implementation. I need to draw up 2 new classes and 1 new play mechanic, as well as a hell of a custom scroll dynamic built for just for this level. I'm just glad that the level wasn't as much of a challange as I thought.

In others news, I was worried as all hell that I wasn't going to be able to limit the size of my game to something reasonable. So I try using WinRar to put it all in a .rar, and thinking that I would trn 17 mbs of data into maybe 5, it instead was converted into a matter of kilobytes. While I'm still managing the file size, my worries are very much alleviated.

No concept art for a few days, as I'm giving Bruckner a break. I will post some pictures of either myself or my schematics tomorrow or the day after in hope of catching the attention of the more passerby readers. In other words, I'm drooling to get my hands on "Shadow of the Colossus", and I found what's almost an underground videogame sales ring in my school (which is friggin awesome, cause I'm broke right now). So I should be playing the new Castlevania by the end of the week.

More tomorrow!


I'm happy, I'm feeling glad,
I've got sunshine in a bag
I'm useless, but not for long
the future is comin' on

Aahhh, life is good. So today, although I kinda spent very little time on developement, was a great day. First of all, after spending all of my classes, my lunch period, and some time at home, I finally capped off the design for level four! All it took me was... aw, hell, I don't know. 3 days? I have some finishing touches, a few divider lines to be drawn, and a hell-of-alot of labeling of coordinates and sizes to do... but overall, it's a sexy level. It's actually exactly twice the area of the second level. My creativity went wild with this one.

Also, I have to extend a formal sign of gratitude to the Miraculous Mark the Artist. After seeing his work on my sprite in Sapo's journal, I was two sided. At first, I was like "Awesome, someone made me a small spritesheet", but at the same time, I was like "Damn, not only is a taste of greatness being hopelessly dangled infront of my face, but now I have to take time off from a design process to do homage to Mark's hard work and put this animation system together".

Now, after a bit of work on what seemed like a hopeless animation system, I discovered a bunch of things. First, my previous system was terrible. Second, the new system I was replacing it with was buggy to a point of errors popping up everywhere. Third, this whole system was not only affecting the player, but also the scrolling mechanics and the collision detecting.

So I put on some music, and sat down with it. I slowly worked on working through each issue, step by step, and after about 20 complete builds and a straight hour of eye-damaging work, I pushed through every bug and had a walking animation working. Now, this animation was put together from the sprites provided by mark, and at first I was weary of how good it would look, but nonetheless I put it together and run it. Not only did it look incredible, but it opened up my mind to the kinds of animation I'd like sylistically in my game.

Thank you Mark. You helped me a great deal. You will not go unrewarded.

So anyhow, that's all for now. I'm done working on the project for the night. Gonna go read some design articles, some journals, and get some early sleep.

Oh! And I already have the next peice of art Bruckner has for me. It's the action shot of ADLR-23, and outside the main character art, it's my favorite peice of his yet. He won't go unrewarded either...

More tomorrow.


[EDIT] Oh, and I have no more worries about the size of my game in terms of file size. More tomorrow... today was a great day.



No work got done today... because I went to the DigitalLife Convention! For those of you who don't know, the DL Convention is the Gaming and Consumer Electronics Convo for New York City. Half half-priced tickets after student discount, and everything was awesome. Saw an Xbox 360, wasn't impressed, saw the new Castlevania for PS2, was mildly impressed, and saw Mario Kart on LAN for DS; very impressed. The graphics were so good I thought they were playing Double Dash until I realized it was just one person to a kart.

Anyhow, there was one peice that captivated my interest. It's a peice of modeling/animating software called Animation Master. It was used to make a great many commercial-ready products, including a few high-profile console games. Anyhow, I've seen a guy go through the many steps of how to make a simple item like a vase or bowl in a matter of something like 5 minutes.

This guy modeled, rendered, and animated in 30 seconds. The guy made a walking animation for a Homer Simpson model in something like 20 seconds. Anyhow, I was thoroughly impressed. Anyhow, $300, and I'll definately buy it when I begin to work in 3D down the line.

Anyow, if you know anything about the program, give me a shout! For now, I'm out. Should have more concept art tomorrow. Peace!




Yes, yes, new entry. Feeling good, feeling pretty good. Quick personal note: I took the PSATs this morning. Easy f*cking test. The proctor was silently singing "This is your liiivveees" under her breath as she passed out the test. Made the rest of my day.

So it's refreshingly early in the day. Right now I'm at an interesting and somewhat unfulfilling about the stage of developement I'm on now. As you might all be aware, my game is divided into stages of developement where I have my prototype building (done), thirst three levels (and boss) (done), second three levels and boss, third three levels and boss, and final tweaking, menus, and post-production phase. That's five. I've just started phase three, which should be really short and quick, as should be stage four. Stage five will be a pain in the ass.

So I begin this phase of developement with designing the levels. After I design a level, I make a place-holder art, add to the engine whatever new features I incorperate in the level, insert it all into the engine, run it, and tweak it so that it's how I want. So I've started designing level 4, The Sewers.

I have two new elements for this level. The first is little dripping green dots that fall from cracked pipes. Simple, they're little dropping versions of my bullet class. Second is a small area where if you fall into it, you die. Also simple, I just use the same code from falling into the pits of my Factory level.

So anyhow, I'll now introduce the boss for this set of levels. After coming out of the Sewer Level, you go through a Subway Station level, and then a Police HQ level where you meet this guy:

His name is ADLR-23

Sorry for the image size. Anyhow, he's going to demolish you. He's a robotic police cheif. Programmed to be righteous in a city of corruption and all that bullsh*t. Anyhow, Bruckner did a top notch job, and I'll have his action-shot in a few days. It's one of my favorite works of his thus-far. So his fight-routine will be a monster to program.

Hey, I talked to Laz yesterday on AOL IM. That was pretty shwe. It's good to get aquainted with other developers. I added a few others to my buddy list. Who knows if I'll be in touch with them.

Well, anyhow, off to do level design. I'll upload a picture of my design graphs all laid out on a big table or floor one of these days. You'd be amazed how many hundreds of hours I'll have invested in these things by the end of this project.

More later.



Hahaha, done by noon tomorrow, I said!? Screw that! I just finished up the first boss routine. Which means...

Oh sh*t... I just realized that I'm back to level design again. ::sigh:: time to rent some damn good movies and get ready for a long 2 weeks of three levels and a boss. Oh, and I finally solved my issue of how I'm going to make myself a pause menu. Yay!

Please read previous entry if you havn't already. They were kinda back-to-back. Thanks!




There have been some inquiries lately in the comments, many of which are from Sapo and others, so now I will get a chance to answer them.

Is the main character animated yet, I always see him in the screens, but he's never moving

That's because of my damn artist issue! In this circumstance my animation system is out-prioritized by many other things on the roster untill I can find a steady artist (see below).

Are you still planning on entering the IGF as a student entry?

No, my idiocy in that long break I took screwed up chances for the dealine to work out as such. Perhaps next year I'll have more substantial material anyway.

Why does the title bar of the screens say garronberg?

Good question. That's because that's the name of the city the game takes place in. It might be in the game title somewhere, but that's not important to me right now. It is however officially the Garronberg Project.

Are we ever going to get a demo of this game?

Artist, my friend. Everyone will get the completely kickin' first level (it's pretty shwe, I promise), as soon as it's presentability is where I want it to be.

Jack, why are you so f*cking awesome? How do you do it?

Practice. PM me if you want to learn the secrets of the trade.

So unfortunately, it's another day without concept art. My bastard artist was out of school today, so I'm going to see him at his house (day off) tomorrow morning. I'm so excited for the day off. I'm going to be researching and coding all day. I should have that boss done by noon. Oh, I'm excited...

Oh, and as for the artist issue... I decided that it's going to be very rough to find one locally. I'm going to revive the advertisement very soon, wait that out, and if I have no luck revive it once again toward the end of the project. In the meantime...

Could everyone please recomend my project to every pixel artist you've ever heard of!? Thank you.

Also, who's going to the Digital Life convention? More tomorrow...


More Days


I wonder if saying that an entry will be short makes it less true. So anyhow, I feel like I have no time anymore ::sigh::. I didn't get any programming done today. And thinking back, I felt so busy, but can't remember getting anything actually productive done. And now, thinking about it, I got everything done today that I wanted to do, except programming. I didn't do any programming, even though it's what I wanted to do the most. I updated all threads I needed to, read all articles I needed to, drafted all ideas I needed to, and even wrote this entry. No programming.

I did talk to my concept artist. The new art will be ready tomorrow, and it should make me very happy. We'll see though. I'm also kinda freaking out about finding a reliable artist. Seriuosly, how can it be so hard to find a credible artist for this project? I'm thinking of going back to revive and edit my origional post looking for artist. I've got sound engineer covered.

My issue is that I find an artist, he draws me a great standing sprite for the main character, I ask him for a run animation, and he disappears. This has happened twice now. I mean, really, how much more credible can a project be then a project where the game is already functional. I have more then just a little tech demo. It's even a paying gig! I'm thinking of filing for a buisness trade name so that I can post in actual proffesional 2D artist forums. I don't know how long I can stand dealing with this kind of thing.

Oh well, more tomorrow.


Just a taste


Short entry (hmmm, I say that too much). So I didn't get much work done today in terms of programming, but I did get work done nonetheless. Popped over to Bruckners to discuss concept art and current events. I liked, for the most part, what I saw in the second boss sketches. It's a suprise what he is, I'll just say he wasn't stocky enough, and the guns weren't big enough either. So after red-lining a few points, I bid him farewell. I should have the new stuff tomorrow or the next.

But in terms of programming, everything is pretty smooth. I have a boss routine programmed. He's depicted in earlier entries as the badass with the mask and the revolver. Below I have a screenshot and labels...

I know it's hard to see the bullets against the stars in that still shot, but trust me, when they're flying at you as fast as they are, you see them...

So things in that respect are coming along smoothly and gradually. When you're programming pre-routed boss routines, it's interesting having to compensate for the fact that you have to make a challange while not being able to anticipate the characters moves one bit. To present a challange that is all-encompasing, and present it to a player as more of a strategic feat then a systematic one. More about that when I conclude the programming of this character.

Perhaps I should pop over to Gamasutra for a few articles on the matter... anyhow, like I said last entry, it's good to be programming again. I like how I havn't slacked off in terms of holding onto my routines. I can still do it just as efficiently as before, and havn't forgotten any of my previous good tendancies and habits. Or atleast I think...

Anyhow, more later...


PS: Kazgaroth, I noted your question in my last entry and answered it. And to the rest of you who have left comments, it's great to see you guys again. I feel like I've been gone so long.



I woke up this morning to the unfortunate conclusion that my concept artist was no where to be found. He has the drawings for the second boss. I still have to get a scanner hooked up to the new PC, but I'll have it up soon enough.

So I started work programming the first boss fight. He runs on a fixed routine around the screen, which is what I'm pushing through now. It's a little tedious, and to calculate everything so that each movement is percise, and it retains it's recursiveness is going to be pretty tough. Infact, between this sentance and the last, I spent about 25 minutes tweaking two jumps he makes.

I am, however, thankful that I can be working on such a fine computer. Take a look at the desktop:

Yes, it's completely gorgeous. I've never touched a computer this good in my life.

It's so good to be programming again, too. I forgot how much I love doing it. It's just so fulfilling; such a rush. And what with work being done, I just have such incredible amounts of time to do it.

So anyhow, off to write more boss routines.


PS: If one of you out there has a game or a demo I should be playing, leave a comment. I'll be sure to grab it since the new comp can run it.

The youngin' of JounalLand has returned after a short 1 1/2 month recess. I apologize. A combination of women, work, unhappiness, my support deteriorating, another pixel artist bombing on me, and Bruckner on vacation... led to a great loss of motivation. But I'm back on track now! And I'm feeling better then ever.

It feels great to be back. I'm a bit behind though... there are so many new people in JournalLand! What's with the image of the day... and where's my crew!? Well, I'll be spending this weekend catching up, as well as...

Coding! I spent all day making a code shift from one computer to the new one (oh, it's so nice!), updating the code, reviewing the code, and completely any unfinished buisness. I also sorted out issues I had with the scrolling, and such a huge collision detection issue that basically lets you walk through any solid object. Which leaves a question begging to be answered...

How did I not notice that!?

Ah well, it's fine now. Funny, my old computer was so slow, I didn't notive that on any modern machine it runs at practically lightspeed. So here I am, rewiring every unit in the game to move slower... and forget I have a timer. So instead of shifting one number down, I sat and shited a many hundred. Ah well... today was great anyhow. So much progress, and I'm all caught up.

I'm so happy to be programming again, too. I was sitting around the other day, and I said to myself "I have all of these spare hours... what happened?" And then I realized what I've been missing, and that same motivation I always had (and a bit of guilt :/) drove me back.

So tomorrow I begin work again. I have three playable battles and an empty boss arena, so it looks like (since all of the most important glitches are fixed) I have to start programming again. Bruckner (my artist), is thrilled to be starting again, and he's already got the next art ready.

It's great to be back.




I'm really excited about the progress I'm making on the project. Alright, so first of all I got an artist for the project. His name is Bruce, he is pretty 1337. We've settled on this as the final sprite for his standing position:

Isn't he great? Bruce is working on his running animation now, and soon I'll be able to really see him in action. As for actuall progress on my end of the bargain, I have some really exciting material! Whoo hoo! I've officially made a giant leap into making the game actually run in a linear fashion! I have transition screens which look like this...

...between each level. On the right we have text (which you can move up and down with the arrow keys), on the top left we have a city map and a little icon to show where you art (the map right now is colorful because I made it quickly in paint), and on the bottom left we have a small mini-screenie of the level to show players what they might be dealing with. Then you press enter to move on. There is now one preceeding each of the first three levels.

This is awesome, because this means that the next step is first of all programming the first boss fight (which should be an interesting new experiment). Then I get to work on animating everything, because by this time Bruce will have some frames ready for the job. At the same time, I will begin to design the next three level (plus boss fight), which should take less time because I A) Know what I'm doing and B) Already have the code structure lain out.

After that, I'm going to experiment with a few more enemy types, fine tune the collision detection, design the rest of the game, and then have a ball working with the artists and sound engineers. Yay!

Oh man, my dreams are coming together before my eyes. I am now certain we can have the project done before November 15th.. which is the happy deadline of IGF Student Showcase nominations.

Whoo hoo, more as soon as possible.

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