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About this blog

What first started as an untitled RPG project for android, now turned into zombie shooter called "Killer Jack"

Entries in this blog

A week ago I decided to scrap the RPG idea for the game, as it would require way too much time to complete. Instead, I will be making zombie shooter game for android. 

During this week I added smooth camera movement, camera shakes, bigger and faster bullets and blood particles to make the shooting more enjoyable.

You can see the current state of the game here:


Hello everyone,

This is going to be my first blog here and I would like to start by introducing you to my new project on which I already worked for over 2 weeks. 

In these two weeks I implemented joystick system, created a custom map creation tool, added collision detection and pathfinding, programmed simple quest system and much more. 

The game is written in Java and OpenGL.


Here are some screenshots and a video:





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