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Which ASO Tools are Right for Your Game?

When I started doing app store optimization (ASO) for my games, I was so overwhelmed by the numerous ASO tools available in the market…

App AnnieMobile ActionSensor TowerApp RadarPriori DataASOdeskSearchmanTheToolKeyword ToolAppKeywords.netApptentiveAppbotAppFollowApptopiaAPPlyzerSplitMetricsStoreMavenRaise MetricsTestNestSearchAdsHQSearchAds by Mobile ActionadAhead, you name it.

And as if things were not already complicated enough …

These ASO tools provide very different features, pricing, options, …

When deciding which ones to use, I was like…

aso tools

How to Choose your ASO Tools

If you are looking for your best ASO tools, check out my findings below.

I will first start with a categorization of ASO tools, and follow up with a big list of app store optimization tools.

You can then choose your ASO tools based on the category and the details of individual tools.

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Types of ASO Tools

ASO tools come in many flavors and packages, and they can be grouped into the following categories:

1) App Keyword Optimization Tools

ASO tools of this type help you optimize your app keywords to increase your app search traffic.

The app keyword related features include app keyword suggestions, keyword optimization, keyword tracking, etc.

ASO Tools - Mobile Action

ASO tools like Mobile ActionSensor TowerMeattiApp RadarPriori DataASOdeskSearchmanTheToolKeyword Tool, and AppKeywords.net are some good examples.

2) Review & Sentiment Analysis Tools

ASO tools of this type perform optimization of your user reviews and ratings.

Tools like AppbotMobile Action and TheTool analyze your user ratings and review contents, and tell you what your users like and don’t like.

With this kind of sentiment analysis, you can then refine your product development roadmap to earn better ratings.

aso tools - appbot

For example, if you find out a lot of users are complaining about a specific issue, you can prioritize your effort to fix that problem, and tell the complaining users about the solution.

Many users will appreciate your positive reaction to their comments, and give you better ratings.

Related to this, AppFollow provides features that help you reply all comments in App Store and Play Store efficiently.

On the other hand, ASO tools like Apptentive help you increase the chance of getting 5-star reviews. It optimizes your app’s rating prompt process by deciding who, when, and how to present your rating prompts.

3) A/B Testing Tools

A/B testing enables you to test your mobile app just like a science project. It helps you test two or more app product pages and determine which one gives you a better download conversion rate.

ASO Tools - Splitmetrics

Tools like SplitmetricsStore MavenTestNest, and RaiseMetrics are some good A/B testing tools for your app product page.

4) Search Ads Optimization Tools

These ASO tools help you optimize your advertising campaign on Apple Search Ads. They provide automation features and competitor data that help you run ad campaigns more effectively.

ASO tools - Searchadshq

Some tools also integrate with app attribution partners (Adjust, AppsFlyer, Kochava, TUNE, etc.) and allows you to optimize campaigns not only for installs, but also for in-app events.

ASO tools like SearchAdsHQSearchAds by Mobile Action, and adAhead are some good examples.

5) App Store Intelligence Tools

ASO tools of this type provide estimates of competitor performance and app market trends.

For instance, they offer estimates on data on competitor apps. These estimates include app downloads, revenue, advertising spend trends, market penetrations, etc.

ASO Tools - appannie

The information can be useful to app product managers and marketing managers for doing competitive analysis and marketing planning.

App AnnieMobile ActionSensor TowerPriori DataApptopia, and APPlyzer are ASO tools that offer app store intelligence.

Top ASO Tools

Listed below are the top ASO tools in 2018. The list is organized according to the types of ASO tools discussed above.

To make the list more authentic, I personally reached out to everyone of them and collect their views of how their tools can help their users.

And I’m fortunate enough to receive some great answers!

Lastly, I’ve prepared an one-page comparison spreadsheet with all the ASO tools.

It is a printable version, and you can easily sort the ASO tools by type, price, availability of free version, etc.

1) App Keyword Optimization Tools

2) Review & Sentiment Analysis Tools

3) A/B Testing Tools

4) Search Ads Optimization Tools

5) App Store Intelligence Tools

A Side-by-Side Comparison of ASO Tools



Mobile Data Intelligence & Actionable Insights

Mobile Action

aso tools - Aykut Karaalioglu

Mobile Action is an intuitive App Store Optimization tool and a data company providing actionable insights for their users. It provides its users with the most accurate data possible but that’s what every ASO tool claims to do. In fact the difference of Mobile Action is its dedicated customer success team that provides instant support across the entire globe 24/7. Mobile Action got into business as a ASO agency so we know a great deal of stuff regarding App Store Optimization and we build our tools from the perspective of an ASO specialist.

Aykut Karaalioglu, CEO

Mobile Action


ASO Tools - Mobile Action

ASO Tool - Quick Facts:

  • Free version / trial available? Yes
  • Premium plan starts at: $69/Month


sensor tower logo
Data That Drives App Growth

Sensor Tower

Randy Nelson Sensor Tower

Sensor Tower provides mobile developers with powerful market intelligence and App Store Optimization solutions that enable them to easily surface competitive insights and achieve maximum organic growth on the App Store and Google Play.

Randy Nelson, Head of Mobile Insights

Sensor Tower


ASO Tools - Sensor Tower

ASO Tool - Quick Facts:

  • Free version / trial available? Yes
  • Premium plan starts at: $79/Month


App Radar
App Store Optimization made easy

App Radar

Thomas Kriebernegg

App Radar is an search engine optimization tool that helps app developers optimizing their apps being more visible within the app stores. With a direct integration into iTunes Connect & Google Play Console, App Radar makes the process of App Store Optimization easy like never before.

Thomas Kriebernegg, CEO

App Radar


ASO Tools - App Radar

ASO Tool - Quick Facts:

  • Free version / trial available? Yes
  • Premium plan starts at: $150/Month


Win Your Mobile Market

Priori Data

Priori Data App Intelligence enables you to research, benchmark, and track your competition all in one place.
Create individual or team viewable watchlists and comparisons of apps in your competitive set, and track their rank, download, revenue, DAU, MAU, ARPDAU and retention performance on a daily basis.
Set up smart alerts to get notified of any major shifts, and receive daily and weekly reports so that you never lose track of the big picture.

Priori Data


ASO Tools - PrioriData

ASO Tool - Quick Facts:

  • Free version / trial available? No
  • Premium plan starts at: $99/Month


ASO desk
Boost your organic downloads with Data-Driven Marketing Technologies


Sergey Sharov asodesk

Our dream is to make our customers more and more successful.

App Store Optimization is a never-ending optimization process that can bring millions of free installs. Our clients have many opportunities to make their business more effective. Just in a couple of clicks our product is available for you and ready to help you to find new real users.

Sergey Sharov, CEO


aso desk screenshot

ASO Tool - Quick Facts:

  • Free version / trial available? Yes
  • Premium plan starts at: $41.6/Month


SearchMan logo
App Data Solutions to accelerate Ecosystem success


SearchMan is the leading App Analytics Data & Technology company with over 100 000 companies actively using our solutions to help them succeed in the App economy. SearchMan’s parent company, AppGrooves was founded in San Francisco Bay Area by former executives of Rakuten, AdMob, Yahoo and many other startups. Our investors include 500 Startups, Digital Garage, and several internet luminaries whose experience includes Disney, Google, Yahoo, Gree, Ricoh, Hatena, and Rakuten.


searchman screenshot

ASO Tool - Quick Facts:

  • Free version / trial available? Yes
  • Premium plan starts at: $25/Month

thetool logo
Performance-Based Mobile App Marketing & ASO tool


aso tools - daniel peris

TheTool helps developers and marketers to track and optimize their App Store Optimization strategy in 91 countries or globally, carry out keyword research, benchmark ASO KPIs with competitors, understand the impact of marketing actions on installs, conversion rate and revenue; and, ultimately, grow the organic installs of their apps and games. Basically we help people make more money with apps.

Daniel Peris, CEO



the tool screenshot

ASO Tool - Quick Facts:

  • Free version / trial available? Yes
  • Premium plan starts at: €29 /Year



Keyword tool logo
Find Great Keywords Using Autocomplete

Keyword Tool

aso tools -khai

KeywordTool.io helps marketers and app creators discover what app store users are looking for by generating keyword suggestions using the app store’s autocomplete.

A simple search can yield hundreds of hidden keywords for you to optimize your app towards.

Khai Yong Ng, Head of Growth



Keyword Tool screenshot

ASO Tool - Quick Facts:

  • Free version / trial available? Yes
  • Premium plan starts at: $48 /Year



Sneak into Google Play's auto-suggest feature


Sebastian Knopp appkeyword.net

When I launched AppKeywords.net back in 2015 it was really hard to get proper data on keywords. Sure you had a lot tools giving you some kind of estimates but you could not be really sure if the data is accurate. Especially when you were researching non-english keywords.

Sebastian Knopp, Growth and Product Strategy


AppKeywords net screenshot

ASO Tool - Quick Facts:

  • Free version / trial available? Yes
  • Premium plan starts at: Free


Apptentive Logo

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