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Here you can find our the latest 3D art projects 

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3D animation outsource

There are lots of benefits of outsourcing 3D animation: Saving costs  Outsourcing 3D animation costs up to 50-60 % less, compared to in-house development. Profitability  Less operational costs boost profit margins. No overhead costs, no need for capital-intensive investment help utilise financial resources elsewhere   Quality  The outsourcing partners have an expert level in this field and have all necessary tools and resources. No overhead costs  You do not need to pay for training and conferences for your animators, we take care of everything   Our company provides both keyframe and Motion Capture-based animation, or combination of those. Wide experience and deep knowledge ensure highest quality that meets all requirements of our clients. Human, cartoon characters, creatures, engineering, medicine, machines, weapons, etc. – we are providing various types of 3d animation and not limited by particular areas. Our company works in different 3D software such as Maya, 3ds Max, Motion Builder etc. – we are flexible for adjusting workflow to client requirements. Please find more information about us at http://tavo-art.com/

Taty Sanday

Taty Sanday

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