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There are many stages according to the architects in Trivandrum, the architects has to go through taking into consideration many factors. Firstly an architect has to consult with the client about the client's needs, project requirements and cost, forming the design brief. The architect then has to analyse the design brief, the building stages and condition and the site location for a building. Ideas are formed and then developed through rough sketching and drawings and also models. The final concept is developed, the details and specifications of the building are given to the builders and then ensure that the project has to be approved by the local authority building approval. The architect works with the builder and employs different contractors for different areas of work. Wherein some larger architectural firm, a construction team carries out the construction. the architect then regulates and monitors the building process resulting any issue on the way. Throughout the process, the architect has to always go back to the design brief and make sure the process is in accordance with the brief and consult regularly with the client for feedback.

Architects have to consider many factors when designing a building such as the building's impact on the local environment, the needs of the users of the building and many more. Architects also use computer-aided design software (CAD) to communicate ideas to clients, consult with other professionals and negotiate with the contractors. The architects must have comprehensive knowledge of building tools, materials, technology and constructing the designs and make sure that the project is running according to the schedule.

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