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About this blog

Hunt 'n Sneak Devlog!

This blog will be the place you find out the latest news and updates on the game, it will be updated as much as possible!

Thanks for checking Hunt 'n Sneak out!

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Entries in this blog


The core game mode is now fully networked and ready for lots of testing. Basic matchmaking has also been completed, connecting you to players in your region. Soon you'll be able to jump online and play with your friends, taking on the role of the hunter, now re-named the Gobbler, or the hiders, now known as Pixies. To make this a reality we're currently working on adding a server list that will allow you to see and join games, as well as the ability to join your friend's games by typing in their username. 

Multiplayer public demo is going to be available on the 4th April!


In an effort to increase the diversity of game-play we've begun to think about and design abilities for the Gobblers and power-ups for the Pixies. Before the commencement of each round the player taking on the role of the Gobbler will be able to select a Gobbler with a unique ability. Examples include a charge ability, night vision, and a ranged attack. Similarly Pixies will be able to collect items known as moon drops during the round to gain power-ups; including but not limited to invisibility from the Gobblers light, an oil slick, and decoy ability. 


You've seen the Dark Cave and Spooky Mansion, but know that we are hard at work putting together new levels for your entertainment.

The pixies Enchanted Forest home is threatened by the Gobbler's insatiable hunger. Amidst giant flowers and mushrooms and beneath the umbrella of the tallest trees, he stalks his frolicking prey. So run and hide little pixies, run and hide or become a tantalising meal for the fearsome hunter.

A Creepy Dungeon is no place for pixie folk, especially when the Gobbler is close by, looming and lurking in the shadows. Within these cold stone walls where once many uncomfortable unpleasantries ensued, the inhabitants now search for a place to hide, to sneak away from gnashing teeth and pinching pincers. 


Finally, we've added a Feedback Form accessible from the huntnsneak.com homepage. We'd appreciate any and all feedback you can provide us so that we can work towards providing the most enjoyable game-play experience for you, the players. 




Pugsley - He will find you where you hide



Waxopus - Nothing escapes his long grasp



Yokai - He's a sticky one



Online Multiplayer
We have players running around over the internet!! Whoo! I can’t wait for everyone to start playing the game together, and very likely with me.

All we need to do now to get online multiplayer into your hands is to network the gamemode and test, test, and more testing to ensure a fun demo of the online multiplayer part of the game!

Lighting change
Looking over the feedback for the game some players are mentioning that the game is too dark and hard to read what is going on in the game, so I have had a tinker with the lighting and shadows and came up with something that I think feels a bit better without ruining the darkness of the game.

The changes:


Making the crystals lights more intense made me think the crystals would look better with a glow effect on them, so I tried that too:


I will be adding these effects into the demo in the next few days so you guys can test it out.

We would like anyone trying the demo out to give some feedback on their thoughts on the game, whether it is good or bad we are interested to hear your opinions! Please join us on Discord (https://discord.gg/WTJTZ2c) and let’s have a chat. Otherwise we will read any comments on the game demo pages.

Concepts for the week





Online multiplayer is making good progress, we have settled on using Photon as it looks to be the most robust solution and so far exactly what we are looking for.

I have already added the ability to start online matchmaking which will either select a random room which has free spots or will create a new one if none available and up to the point where you are in the same lobby.

Over the next week or so I will make the in-game part networked and then do some internal testing before we upload a new version of the demo so you guys can try it out!

Mobile controller
It is my goal to make the game as easy as possible to play with your friends, and on PC that can sometimes be difficult when you only have a few controllers or just a keyboard. But why not use mobile phones as controllers, since almost everyone has one it makes sense.

So what we will do is create an app that you can download on Android or iOS which will automatically connect to the game via a local wifi connection, then you will be able to control the game from your mobile!

We would like anyone trying the demo out to give some feedback on their thoughts on the game, whether it is good or bad we are interested to hear your opinions! Please join us on Discord (https://discord.gg/WTJTZ2c) and let’s have a chat. Otherwise we will read any comments on the game demo pages.

This week we worked on the Hider concepts and starting to get a really nice theme for them.

2018-02-14_23-09-45.thumb.png.226d197b87091a00e68a86ef2a17b270.png   2018-02-14_17-29-05.thumb.png.c769c26f1f04ed429ab0e9553212ef35.png

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