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About this blog

Augusteria is a game we have recently just released into the alpha stage and are willing to take this at a slow but steady pace, yet make major changes over the next year or so.

This game is about an infestation that happened after the major war and your organisation has taken it upon itself to find out what the cause of it was and to reverse the infection and hope to save millions of lives.

Your order is to head out to multiple locations in the search of information on the infected and to find out what caused this...

Will you be the one to stop this infection and reverse it?

Entries in this blog


Game Link

Hey guys, these are the links for the game and website. There are a few bugs and glitches i need to fix but i need opinions to help me make this game the best it can be :).   Download Link/Game Page: https://gamejolt.com/games/Augusteria/323626 Website: https://stevesissons95.wixsite.com/alternategames



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