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About this blog

Hey everyone, first time ever writing a blog so bear with me. Mainly doing this to keep myself as motivated as possible and a nice way to chronicle my progress as a developer and programmer. 


A little about me is I'm just a dude studying my butt off in preparation for college for my CS degree. Looking to grow as much as possible in order to land a fun and fulfilling job after graduation. I've gotten the basic syntax of C++ and C# down so I figured since I wanna make games as a career I'd better start right now and work on one while I learn. /o/


Thanks for reading, and I hope you look forward to watching me grow as much as I am :D


Entries in this blog


Baby steps

The game in question will be a platformer and I hope due to its simplistic nature it'll reflect very well anything I learn. Starting with the Unity engine since that seems to be the go to for platformers, and I take all credit for my creation other than the art. The name at the moment is Bun's Cottage but that is of course subject to change. Right now I'm going through the process of animation and creating the player character, tying animations together and finding the smoothest way to implement animations. 
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