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Latest news for GameDev Challenges.

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Welcome to the new GameDev.net Groups feature. Groups are like they sound - mini-sites, microsites, areas of GameDev.net dedicated to a particular topic. I'm going to roll out Groups slowly - consider this a beta - but I wanted to start with our GameDev Challenges because they seem like a perfect fit for this.

If you're here and interested in participating in the GameDev Challenges, then join the group!

So, here you will find all the GameDev Challenges. They'll be announced in the News section of this Group, but even better than the GameDev Challenges forum, members can freely post any topic about the Challenges they'd like - current, old, and new ideas alike. I'm also opening up other features of the group and will soon even be adding Projects integration.

For historical purposes, I'm going to copy the topics from the GameDev Challenges forum to this GameDev Challenges group, and I'll add News topics for past challenges. We also have a Calendar and Gallery for the group.

I hope you like the new format and this new GameDev.net feature. Let me know what you think!

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