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Visual Studio TGUI Project LOG -Day2

Oops,today i'm so sad. Because our computer classroom was requisitioned because of the "THUSSAT" examination. And i have to move my projects to our e-book lyceum , and there's no Visual Studios installed. Perhaps i have to pause my project for one day.   Unfavorable... Hope it won't take too much time.

C++ TGUI Project Start -Day1

So , today i came up with a new idea of "Make a GUI Lib with DirectX 9.0" . I've prepared DirectX 9 SDK (June 2010) and Visual Studio 2010. The reason of using DX9 is that i want my lib compatible with Windows XP(because my stubborn computer classroom admin thought that WinXP might accelerate the process , and never update our hardware). So far i've already learnt D3D (by self-study) and a little bit of Win32.   I hope i can do that.
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