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Recently I've Started A Development Blog For King Of Pirates,my first game. It will be available on desktops and (Maybe) consoles, it’s made with Unity. I'll try to post as often as possible and i'd love to hear from you, feedback and questions are welcome.

King Of Pirates is an action/adventure third-person RPG influenced by the age of piracy and pirate affairs and it's also highly influenced by Sea Of Thieves(One Of My Favorite Games). The gameplay is inspired by Dark Souls and assassin's creed, with focus on exploration, combat and resource management.

You play as a Pirate and go on a journey with the goal to become the ruler of the Seas, Or As A Soldier In The Marines Who Aspires To Be Known As The Best Ship Captain In The World. The Game Will Not Have A Specific Story line (Take The Wheel, Set Your Destination And May The Wind Be In Your Favor)


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King Of Pirates


Development Diary









hello there my name is ROX and i'm a college student and i work on creating this game in my spare time

this is not the first day for me working on this project (Actually it's been almost a year now),but it was today

that i decided to start a diary(mostly to keep myself organised and to keep my mind from flying elsewhere) 

and  also too show people what's going on behind the scenes.

I don't have a lot to say about the game as it's still in a very early development stage ( almost a year in 

development and still in an early stage 😁😁, Yeah I Know I'm Lazy)

But i've decided to seriously start working on it from now on 😁😁



I Think I've Talked ( Or Wrote ) Too Much For Today , In The Days That Come I Promise I'll Talk More About The Useful Things






Farewell For Now










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