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About this blog

To track and update the development on our new IOS game titled "SOS-CC".  It stands for Saving Our Sarah - Cervical Cancer.  Please see website for more details:  https://www.sos-cc.org

We welcome any comments, criticism, and questions.  We will try and answer any questions as soon as we see them.  Thank you for your interest and we hope you follow the development. 

If you would like to contact us please email us at the following email address:

admin (at) sos-cc.org

Entries in this blog

Mobile Week 5

Hey All, 

Another week another great update!  So we have several new features that were implemented.  First, we now have a start screen with a menu.  Right now I'm just using the starting room background for the artwork on the start screen.  This is only a place holder and will be changed.   Right now the options to select are; New Game, Continue Game, Arena, Store, Credits, and Quit.  3 of these options currently work.  New game starts the game and continue game works as designed, more info below on how that system works.  Arena mode, the store, and credits are placeholders.  The quit option currently quits the game but that will be removed as you do not need that for a mobile title. 

Also along the same lines we now have a game over screen.  This screen also has the same artwork as the start screen (will be changed later) and displays game over text to hit the space bar to continue.  For this screen I will also be creating an animation of the main character spinning and falling on her knees.  

So now lets talk about the continue game feature.  This does exactly what it states, allows you to continue an ongoing game.  There is a save system in place for the game that is making all this work.  The save system is an Auto Save feature.  The player is not allowed to manually save their progress.  Remember this is going to be a "rogue-lite" game.  So it will autosave every time the player enters a new room.  I found it best to implement it this way as it's a mobile game and if you get interrupted, your last progress of clearing that room will not be lost and you can pick up where you left off.  If you get a "game over" the auto save is completely erased.   You cannot continue a game after a game over.  

The next thing I did was some more tweaking on the shadow engine.  I did a lot more work on this to try and get it more realistic.  Now the left wall, door, open door, room props, and enemies have shadows.  I even added depth to the shadows so if an object goes under a shadow it gets darker from the shadow being casted upon it.  Still needs some more tweaking but it looks a lot better. 

I will be creating a lighting feature in the game.  Some rooms are going to be dark.  The only light in the room will be from candles or a flashlight.  This will just add more elements to the gameplay and look really cool at the same time.  

Created two new objects in the game.  These are room hazards.  The first one was mentioned in the previous blog post.  

Mucus was created.  He does not harm the player.  He sits on the ground and pulsates a little.  If the player runs through the mucus your speed is drastically slowed down while your in the mucus and up to 1 second after you get out of the mucus.  This proves to be a huge obstacle when you are running away from an enemy or need to run from an enemy.  The second hazard which I am extremely proud of is the hole.  There will now be random holes in the floor of the rooms.  If you get to close you will fall into the hole.  I have also created the animation for falling into the hole.  Once you fall into the hole you disappear, lose 1 heart of health, then re appear at the location where you started that room.   You will also be slightly invincible while you re spawn just in case you are re spawned next to an enemy (invincible while blinking).  I am very pleased with the results of this feature and it's going to be expanded upon.  Which leads to the next feature that will be implemented......Secret Rooms!

Secret rooms is the next thing I will be focusing on.  In order to access these secret rooms you have to fall through a hole in the floor and be granted by the RNG gods that the hole does not damage you and brings you to the secret room.  If you find a secret room through one of the holes you will have the option to purchase upgrades.  These can range from +1 heart, +1 stamina, health potion, etc.  These can be purchased via coins that are collected while playing.  What will be offered will be complete random and will only be temporary for that particular play through.  This way every play through is different and you always end up with different stats and upgrades.  More on this to come. 

Two sound effects have been added to the game.  They are for hitting an enemy and using the firecracker explosives.   Which reminds me I have not talked about that power-up yet.  The firecrackers can be used against all enemies, even damage the main player, and are very powerful.  They require 3 stamina for use and do 4 damage.  Also a long with this I have cleaned up the pause and inventory screen.  I made the dim of the game darker while in the pause screen so you can see the inventory more clear.  Also I will be adding a quit to menu option here if you choose to quit back to the main menu, which can be important because doing so will NOT delete that auto save file.

I believe that was everything, if I missed anything I will add it to next weeks blog.  

Here is a gameplay video showcasing most of the features discussed in this weeks blog.  Please post comments and questions we will respond!

Thanks much!





Hello All, 

A lot of updates happened this past week, so this will be pretty lengthy.  Also I cannot believe we are already 1 month into this project. 

We have 2 more enemies that have been created.  We are now at a total of 3 enemies (Germs) that are attacking main player (Sarah).  We still have not really "officially” named them but they are:

  • Germ 2 : This is the orange germ with two legs and no arms.  He hops around randomly.  He does not hop towards or away from the player he more of just roams.  However if you get to close to him spikes come out from his left and right side and hit you.  It's best to attack this germ from above or below.  
  • Flying Germ: This germ is purple in color and will roam around the room.  However if you come within sight of this Germ and he sees you he will come straight for you, also has acceleration in his movement for this.  He will continue to chase you until you run or dodge out of his sight where he will then roam.  He tries to ram into you doing damage.  It's best to come in quick, hit him, and dodge away. 
  • Shooting Germ:  This germ can fly but also shoot.  He looks the same as the flying germ but is blue in color and has lighter color wings.  If this guy sees you he will shoot a fireball towards you. He will not chase you, he is a roamer.  

Fun Fact: Germ 1 was created and imported prior to Germ 2 but later scrapped after the creation of Germ 2.  So there currently is no Germ 1 in the code. 

I have one more Germ that I am working on.  He is practically done just need to do some coding for him.  This enemy will have no movement to him, he will be a room hazard.  He will look like a puddle of slime on the ground, I think we are calling him mucus.  If you happen to walk through him he will harm you and possibly even slow you down for a period of time.  There will be no way to destroy this enemy, he is only there to provide you aggravation.  

This will be the variety of enemies for world 1.  Now we just need to start thinking about a world boss and some new enemies for world 2 and world 3.  

Also did some more work with collision.  The player now collides with all enemies, this way you can not just run through them.  Some enemies, when collided with will harm you, others you will just bounce off of a little.  Also the enemies have collision between them selves.

Also made another Room!  You can now move from the starting room to another room.  I set this up using warps in the door passage way.  Also you can only move from one room to the other room once all the enemies in the current room are defeated.  Until the enemies are defeated there are closed doors covering the passage way, once all are defeated these doors are destroyed and your path is open.  Now that this code is done, and I have a parent room, making the rest of the world layout will be quick. 

I have also started adding "props" to the world.  These are normal objects that you would see in a house.  I am adding these to give the rooms some life and depth but the biggest reason is to provide obstacles for the player to maneuver around as there is full collision with each object.  So far the only ones that can be destroyed are cardboard boxes.  When these are destroyed they have a chance to drop either coins or hearts.  Which leads to the next thing we implemented which is the random chance for hearts and coins to be dropped from defeated enemies and cardboard boxes.  Right now I have the chance set at 90% for testing to see them actually drop but this will be changed down drastically as they will be rare drops.  

Also have started working on the UI.  Right now the UI displays the amount of coins collected, players health, and the players stamina.  This will not be the final layout of the UI or even the final artwork.  I am still learning how to properly position, code, and get the desired results I want, but it's good for right now.  The next thing implemented was stamina.  What this is and I want to be very clear, is only for items being used.   So right now the user has two power ups.  These power ups are the ability to dodge (roll) and the ability to use explosives.  These power ups use an X amount of stamina each time they are used.  Why did I implement this?  I did this because you will have unlimited amount of explosives.  So this prevents the player from spamming explosives.  Right now the timer to refresh 3 stamina, which is the max amount and also the required amount for the explosive, will be ready after a used explosive is detonated.  This way you can only use 1 at a time.  Also this prevents the user from spamming the dodge feature but timed just right for refresh that you can get out of a sticky situation.  

As for these power ups.  Well you will not start the game with them, they will have to be acquired.  There will be more than 2 power ups in the game as well.  There is a rudimentary inventory system in place at the moment, this will be improved upon.  The inventory system will display your collected power ups and allow you to equip 2 of them.  You will only be able to equip two power ups at one time.  

My coding skills are getting very strong and I am really getting comfortable with the game maker engine and how it works.  The next thing I need to work on is my sprite art work.  I will be concentrating more on this as I feel it could use some work.  I have a training class that I will be taking to improve my skills in this area. 

I believe those were the big milestone achievements that were made with many little ones in there.  

Attached is a gameplay video.    Please excuse my skills I am horrible playing with a keyboard.  Right now movement is W, A, S , D keys.  

EDIT:  Found a great video recording program that records over 30fps, it's called Monosnap for OSX.  Here is a new video uploaded to our youtube.

Thanks for reading, following, and commenting.  We want to hear from everyone so please drop a line!  Till next week. 

To view the Alpha gameplay please see our youtube channel:


Hey All, 

Sorry didn't realize yesterday was Tuesday and it was blog update day, so here is the update a day late.  

The past week we did a lot more work on the actual world layout.  I spent time on the actual viewport, camera, and resolution settings for the game.  This should now be all set so that when it's ported to IOS it will fit correctly on all screens.  I also scaled all the sprites in the world Parent Room so they look correct to the size of the sprites for the enemy's, props, and main character.  

One of the big changes that I made was making a parent room.  I have added all the objects, layers, assets, backgrounds, etc. to the parent room.  Now when adding additional rooms for the world I no longer have to recreate from scratch, I can inherit all the settings from the parent room and quickly configure and change the child room to our liking.  This will GREATLY lower the dev time of making new rooms which will increase the overall room amount per world.  

Also did a lot more work on artwork and sprites.  Added attack animations for Germ 2.  Coded all of the hurt boxes, hitboxes, destroy, draw, and variables set for a parent Enemy object.  Now when I create new enemy's I will make them child's of the parent enemy object so I don't have to re-write code. Also coded the same for the main playable character. 

The main playable character, who will now be called Sarah, has health and a hurt box and can take damage from parent Object Enemy.  Germ 2 can now take damage and be destroyed. 

For Germ 2 being destroyed I have scripts for effects.  Germ 2 has a full destroy effect animation as well now.  

I would like to show everyone the attack and destroy effects however the GIF program I am using on my MAC, GIPHY Capture, seems to lower the frame rate of gameplay when recording so I don't want to show you with those results.  Does anyone have a recommended program to record some gameplay that I can attach on this site?  I don't know exactly the size limit gamedev imposes on attachments in the blog.  

For now I will show some screenshots of the new layout of the test room.  You will see, if you compare to last screenshot, that it has been scaled and looks a lot better this way.  Also attached the coin currency that can be collected in game.  This currency will be used to "buy" permanent upgrades for playable character as well as new Rooms for arena mode.  They can only be collected by playing the game and NOT by IAP.  

Next will be working on UI artwork and coding.  Till next week, thank you. 



Screen Shot 2018-04-04 at 9.35.17 AM.png

Screen Shot 2018-04-04 at 9.40.12 AM.png

Hey All, 

Wow first of all we are humbled by the amount of views the first blog received.  That was a welcomed surprise.  Hopefully you all see this as well. 

It has been a very productive week.  It's amazing to see the amount of work that got finished in one week but at the same time it's also interesting to see how much time it takes to produce one little event in the game.  

What was done this week:

  • The main character sprite was tweaked some more, cleaned up, detail added, and we are happy with the outcome now.
  • All animations for the main sprite have been tweaked a lot and finished. 
    • All movement is now handled in a movement engine with scripts and using a lookup table for sprites and enum for player.move
      • This allows friction, acceleration, max speed, running, collision, and bounce. 
  • Added a shadow engine for the sprites.  Main sprite has a fully working shadow that changes to the characters movement!  We are excited by that.
  • Added animations for using main weapon, a Wooden Baseball Bat!  Have attack animations for right, left, up, and down.  
  • Added blinking animations for the main sprite so when she is not moving she looks at camera and blinks. 
    • This still needs further tweaking with setting alarm.
  • Created first Room of World 1.  This is the starting room.  World 1 will be titled "The House".  (More on this, the story, in the coming weeks)
    • Room has full collision.  
    • Has background complete, wooden floor.
    • Has all 4 walls.
    • Has 2 doors that will lead to the proceeding rooms.  
  • Two enemies have been created.  They are "Germs".  Right now they are just named Germ 1 and Germ 2. 
  • My Son has also started planning out the game soundtrack.  This will be all original music and recordings done completely by him.  We are very excited for this outcome.

There was some other work done in there but that is the major milestones of the week.  

Well now the best part.  You can see Room 1 of World 1 in action.  There are no enemies or objects in this room right now.  This is just a test to show you the room, the main sprite with animations and shadow, and to give you an idea of what it will look like.  This is a GIF and it lowered the frame rate when recorded so the actual game moves faster and smoother.

Also attached is a GIF of enemy Germ 2. 

Thank you for reading and following along.  Please ask questions if you have any and we will get back to you.  Till next week. 






This is the first week of our Blog Entry.  We hope to update this weekly, if that does not happen forgive us, we are very busy.  We will certainly update when we can.  

We are making this game as a family.  The game will be completely done by my Wife, 2 kids, and myself.  I will do all of the coding, as I have experience with this, and teaching my son along the way.  All of us will do the artwork and game ideas.  We are going to be sticking to pixel artwork as none of us are great artist and this is much more forgiving and fun to work with.

The game is going to be an RPG game.  However it has heavy influences from games like:

  • The Binding of Isaac
  • Feral Fury
  • Wayward Souls
  • Space Grunts
  • Legend of Zelda
  • Among other greats!

This will be a rouge-like RPG with permanent un-lockable's and upgrades.  The game is being coded in GameMaker 2.  We will be using other programs as well for the sprites and other pixel goodness.  At the current moment our target platform is IOS and we plan to make the game a free download.  This game will be completely self-funded. 

Our target audience is anyone who likes playing Rouge-Like RPG's, like the games above, and of course anyone who has battled cancer, battling cancer, or close to someone that has.  This is going to be a kid friendly game.  We hope the game is played by kids and adults who are battling cancer, or have been effected by it, and gives them hope that they can beat the disease and live a healthy and long life.  

The story of the game is influenced by my wife.  My wife is currently battling cervical cancer.  Throughout this journey we have come to realize there is not a lot of info on cervical cancer.  There is barely any awareness and we could not find any support.  Don't get us wrong there is a MASSIVE amount of support out there for cancer.  However we realized that certain cancers like lung cancer, breast cancer, etc. have there own support channels, as well as foundations for donations.  This unfortunately is not the same for cervical cancer.  We hope to help that.  

With our website we want to curate all of the information we have gathered and learned on our own and from research.  We want to give a "one stop shop" for people that want to learn more about cervical cancer to come to the website and have all of their questions answered as well as learn more along the way.  We hope the game also helps promote that.  

So with all of that said the game was more of a vision.  Something fun for kids to play, and more importantly something for our family to create together.  

Current Status:

  • Main Character, my wife, sprite has been created.  This includes front, back, left, and right side. 
  • Main character has full movement, walking, and running animations. 
  • Main character also has collision set. 
  • Base room has been created for testing.  This is an empty room with just walls to test collision and the sprite animation. 

What is being worked on in the current moment:

  • Building array's for inventory management 
  • more animations for attack and character rolling
  • more sprite creations
    • enemies
    • bosses
    • levels
    • props

Will post some sprites here soon once I get them in a proper GIF.  

Till next week, Thank you.




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