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About this blog

My attempt at creating an innovative RPG System, where you dont just select an attack and enemy health decreases.

So I was playing Undertale and realized, how great was the fighting system. It is like an RPG but you actually have to dodge the attacks. I was thinking about this great design and I decided to try also something new and innovative.

Im playing with this system about 3 weeks and it is not finished, lots of stuff to be add like inventory, mana and more, but I have great feeling about this. Im excited everyday about stuff I want to add and things to improve.

So I decided to start this blog to share my progress with you guys and maybe get some tips and ideas to help my project.


""You also have the current project --fightSystem for rpg.zip-- for you to try""

Entries in this blog


Demo is out !!! leave some criticism.

Ive finally put together this demo.  Only one enemy, but I hope you will like it and leave some response. My main goal is inventory system. Grid functions arent my favourite thing, but I will still use them, but first I wanted to show you at least some of my work. Errors will probably appear, Im sorry for that, but the base is good in my opinion.  Im NOT an artist, my sprites are bad and I know it, so ignore them now. Here is my work so far --fightSystem for rpg3.zip--



Mana is there. And something else...

Just now, Ive finished mana for spells and it came out looking pretty good.    ALSO, Ive finally stepped out and changed the resolution to 16:9 instead of previously set 1024:768... Looks good, still happy with my progression, but my long pauses are something I want to get rid off.   Soon, I will post playable version of my fighting system, just need to fleshout that dialogue system Ive talked about in previous entry.



DIALOG update

Just finished textbox system. When you attack, some enemies will get angry and their attacks will be stronger, but when you defend and dont attack, some enemies will realize, that you dont want to fight so they will stop attacking you.  Down below you can see ,what happens when you attack or when you defend yourself. If you have any ideas, leave me some feedback, so I have motivation to work harder and better.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               <------                                                                              --------->                                                      


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