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The developement blog for Project "PunchWitch", a pixel art action RPG in the vein of Legend of Zelda: Link to the Past.


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May 20th: It's Gotta Be May

Hey-o folks! Boy, it sure has been a while since the last update, huh? There's two main reasons for that: 1. We've been hard at work on the project and gotten down in to the deep of it. And.. 2. I wanted to space these updates out to keep some elements of surprise as well as have some note-worthy content in which to showcase, though, this is a dev-blog on a dev site, so y'know.. spoilers ahead, capi-tahn. I do apologize for the quiet time and thank everyone that's liked the blog, sent in comments and PMs, it makes us feel amazing to see people are genuinely interested in our little game and, during the cold winters of development, all it takes is a warm and fuzzy to keep us goin'. So thank you.   Now, let's get on with the update!  One of the major additions is we've migrated out of the Testing Scene and in to actual maps! How exciting!  Once we've made the area fairly polished, we'll be looking at video demos of the place to give you an idea of the area the main character will start out in.  Another thing we've added in (though still could use some polish) is the day/night cycle. Watching the area slowly transition from day to night is kind of peaceful! Though in areas where monsters are abundant, it could have some serious consequences if you're out after dark!    But fear not, magic initiate! For two new abilities have been prototyped! First, The Ground Smash: Using a combination of the Block and Dash button will send you mashing down on the ground with magical power and sending a shockwave out, hurting nearby monsters and, in certain places, destroying things that lay beneath you. But watch out, this uses up your Mana like cru-aaaazy, and you'll need to beat monsters the old fashioned way (ala: punching them in the face) if you run out. Don't worry, though, Mana is one of the drops from many creatures and objects (aside from that cash-money, yo) so you can keep smashing away at stuff like a Hulk OC. The second of our two new abilities is the Charge Dash, because why walk around walls when you smash right through them? Holding down the attack button (whilst you're bursting with that Mana, that is!) will see you start a charge up attack. After a brief charging period, releasing the attack button will see you fly through at a ridiculous speed, knocking enemies out of your way and, in the event that you hit a special wall, will smash right through it!   Not enough bang for your buck, eh? Well, there's also a few things we've added that are kind of hard to get screenshots of (didn't stop me from trying though.) Scene Transitions Enemy Abilities Menus upon menus upon menus Saving/Loading (Started but not yet complete) More Dialogue options Event System that we'll use to make Cutscenes. Oh, so many fixes, patches and bug squishin'.  We're planning on having the entire first area done soon, so that we can make videos to show off instead of having to rely on screenshots, and who knows? Maybe a bit of commentary will come with them to better explain what we're showing off. I want to sign off by, again, thanking everyone for their comments, PMs and liking the blog posts, it really does help to know people like what we're building, so please keep them coming! I really want to show off more but for now, I'll see y'all next time!                  

14th of April: Fight Like A Girl!

Hey folks! Back again with a small update this time. This week I came down with a really bad flu, so the art side of things slowed down a bit toward the end of this week.  In saying that, we've got enemies started! At the moment we have two enemies: Slimes and Bats, because all RPGs need Slimes and Bats! The Slime is using A* Pathfinding in order to locate the player and navigate toward them, avoiding obstacles to give you a big squishy hug of death.  Our Bats operate a little differently due to them being able to fly over obstacles. Instead they are using Raycasts and a simple Rigidbody to give them a "floaty" feel when they move around and when hit with an attack, their knockback is double that of a regular enemy to really give the feeling that these fellas are flying around. \ Another thing we've added in is the Elemental Variants of enemies. Whilst we're still working on the different damage types, the artwork for all the variants of these two enemies have been prototyped. (Trying to get a good picture with these monsters hurts! They knocked 5 hearts off me!) We've also done more tidying up here and there, though nothing terribly noticeable at the moment. I'll hopefully have a bit of a meatier blog post next week as we go further into combat, start working on scene transitions, menus and get this project from a system prototype to something resembling a game.  Till next time, folks!    

7th of April: That's No Moon..It's an Update!

Hey everybody! Boy, it has been crazy since the last blog post! I've managed to get a coder onto the project and they are doing extremely awesome work. How awesome? Check it out! The first thing you'll notice is that the HUD has changed dramatically. A lot of it is still a work in progress but the layout is how we'd like for it to be in terms of where everything is. Also, 99% actually works now, from the magic bar, the spell selector, the item indicator and the health! (We're just missing the currency) Next is the combat, which we've started working on and most of the player functions are prototyped.  Whilst the attack effect does need a little more polish, the player can attack and have the spell they have activated, push out from their fist. The first step to having a fully functioning combat system has been taken! Speaking of combat, the other systems have also been worked on! The player can dash in four directions when the button is held, keeping their direction when the button was held. As well as blocking, which stops them from moving but they can rotate around in a circle to block incoming attacks. This will make for some interesting battles for sure!   On the non-combat side of things, we've gotten a few of the puzzle elements started, the first of which is picking up environmental objects! It's still in need of a bit of work, as you can see, but the player can pick up certain objects and throw them, with the impact having different effects depending on what we want them to.   On top of that, we have pushing and pulling objects! This is still being worked on at the moment, as the collision detection is a bit buggy but we're making progress! Another aspect that has had work done is the dialogue system. Here, we can see the colored text aspect that we all know and love from Zelda games. We've worked on making a system inside Unity to allow importing of simple .txt files to make writing a lot easier for us down the road!  In terms of general movement, we've added in swimming, which will inhibit players from attacking, so watch out for water-dwelling creatures!   Whew! That was a lot to unload! Everything is still in need of a lot of work to tidy, debug and make the best we can for all of you to play in the future. Hope you all enjoy the update and I hope to hear from you all on what your thoughts on this is!   

Project PunchWitch: 26th of March 2018 - A Wild Blog Appears!

Woah! Hey everyone! This is the new dev-blog for Project PunchWitch, a RPG I started about a two/three weeks ago in Unity because I really wanted to recreate the feeling I got when I played Legend of Zelda: Link to the Past. I'm imagining this game the way 8-year old me imagined LTTP was at the time of playing it, as opposed to now, with the nostalgia-goggles not affixed any more.  This game follows a witch who hates using staffs, wands, ect, and enjoys casting her spells through punching. Of course, this creates some social rift for her with the other witches at her magic school and it's through going on her journey that she will grow to accept herself. (Y'know, the ol' feel good narrative.) Development has been a little slow at the moment as it is just me working on all aspects of the game by myself but as you may see from the images, slow progress is still progress! The current attack animation, I have only recently gotten to work through zero animation transitions. In the game, you'll be able to hot-swap what type of attack you are doing based on a few select elements. The attack, will have the selected elements "attack effect" around the witch's fist, as well as a little effect coming off the attack to simulate air/fire/ect.. being pushed off, whilst I've drawn these effects, I still need to implement them mechanically. The character can also move in 8-directions, something that caused me a little strife drawing since I've done little work on perspective, it was with the help of a pixel artist known as Sandy Gordon (AKA: BandyGrass) that really helped me out with their tutorials on 8 direction movement and if you're interested in pixel-art I greatly suggest checking them out. The tiles are starting to look reasonably okay-ish, though I do want to touch up on them later down the track. It's my goal to have any type of tileset blend with any other tileset seamlessly, as this could really make the map-designing a lot easier once I get to it. With that, I'll leave this blog post here and will be back shortly with some more info! Thanks for reading!    
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