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"Blunders" is a third person action shooter with rogue-like mechanic set in near future.

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Devlog #2 - Comeback

Hello everyone! And this is my second devlog. It's been really long time since my last devlog because of my exams, but I've passed them and now I need to give my documents to some institutes. This means that I will have a very busy week. But anyway, I have some information to share with you.       First of all I've writed setting and "scenario"(guess I can name it like this) of the game. About "scenario", your mission in blunders will be very clear. You need to destroy all enemies and all admirals to complete the game. Or not? It's completly up to you. Game will be set in not far future and it will show our humanity in crisis situation. They've created a very intelligence robots and actually they were so intelligence, that run out of control and try to destroy their creators. It sounds like a big problem, isn't it? And of course they will try to solve this problem by creating a supersoldier. But you know, sometimes you can't solve problem with force. Or can? Actually I went a little deep in my thoughts and I will stop here.        Secondly, it may sound not very good, but I missed with my character model. So he have a very very very bad topology(this is my very big and stupid mistake) and also I have a feeling that he doesn't suite well for the game world that is why I'm working on a new model and hope that I will do it faster then previous one.

      Lastly, I've been working on animations. Actually it was a really big deal for me, because it was hard for me and I didn't know anything aout them. But when I while watching GDC videos about this topic I've heard a combination of words "procedural animations"  many times. I thought that this is really advanced topic and you need a special software for this, but it turned out not such a difficult thing. Procedural animations  exist in 3ds Max in CAT. And you can get a very good walk and running in different directions cycles in a couple of minutes. I can say that this is a very powerful tool witch simplified my life.
           And actually tha is all. Soon I will start to wrok properly and spend much more time on my game. For now I want to deal with all institutes, because paper work for me makes a lot pf stress and I hate it.  




Devlog #1 - Very beginning

Hello, everyone!
In this my very first devlog I want to tell about game, which I'm currently developing.
"Blunders" is a third person action shooter where you need to destroy enemies' ship. Of course it will not be very easy, because the only things witch can damage this ship is a big cannons (there will be 2 or 3 on a level). And aslo ship will try to defend itself. It will send robots to destroy you and your cannons. Also some supplies will sent to you. After defeating a ship it's admiral will come to deal with you. Level will be finished after destroying an admiral. 
Currently I'm planning to create 3 different levels in 3 different environments and 3 admirals. For now I don't have much to show only some enemies and main character. Also I've got a little asset library to create first environment (desert) and few animations for enemies. This some main character's renders (I really like to do them). His rig is not very good and probably I will fix it soon. But I've pasted the hardest part - his creation, and I'm very happy. This is link to artstation page.

Also I have got some enemies:
Well, maybe their poses are a little weird.

And there is last thing. I've planned a story and you will not be just killing enemies, but exploring character and world around you. Also at the end I want to say that I wouldn't be very productive in the next two months because I need to prepare to my exams.



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