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Hey there, I've been looking for help for a while now, hopefully I can find the help I need here. To start things off with a short summary, I recently went to school for Game Design, graduating only mere months ago, only to find out some time later that I could've just as easily learned how to be an indie game developer without going to school. So, now I have all this freaking school debt to pay off, and I'm stuck at a full time job where I get paid weekly, but I don't earn much of anything, and one paycheck barely covers the monthly bill I have to pay for the debt I owe. But the big problem is this full time job. I basically have no time to do what I want, which would include wanting to work on a game. So, basically, my question for all you indie game devs out there is this: if you have bills and what not to pay off, how do you get the money and work on your game at the same time? Cause I want to be a game developer, but because of my full time job, I can’t find the time to work on my game idea at all. And without the job, I am unable to pay the debt I owe to the school I went to.

The point is, I’m extremely curious, and I would like some advice on the subject. I really can’t work at my current job anymore. I don’t feel like I’m moving forward at all with my plans. I’ve always wanted to see my ideas come to life in game form, but I can’t do that very much if I’m stuck at a job that’s barely worth going to, even if it does help pay my debt. It also helps I’m still living at home, so that’s really the only thing I have to worry about paying off. I went to school for this, and I wanna use it. Please, help a fellow game developer (or at least someone who wants to be one) out. I can't keep working at this job; it's holding me back, and I hold a lot of resentment toward it cause it's a job where basically everyone working there doesn't have a college degree. I could easily just look for a new job, but all the jobs I apply for never get back to me. Please, I'm at wits end, I don't know where else to look. 

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