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About this blog

Pretty much what it says on the tin, blogs about games that we develop, and maybe a little more on the game itself. 

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Beat Drop Game Development

Beat Drop was originally named Dot.RBG on the first and only iteration of its game design document,  as it was supposed to be a very simple red, green & blue color game, of which you would match the button you pressed to open the same colored gate, allowing a ball to pass through, the game was just that as originally planned. Here's a nice GIF to show you what we mean:
  Now, this was the final look we had in our heads when designing this game on paper, but once we started developing the game in the Unity editor our programmer made it nice and clear that he was capable of doing anything. I mean what did we expect from an ex-Google employee? So we took to the design board (our whiteboard) and created this amazing new game which has so much potential, charisma. We plan on doing things in this game that no other game (that we know of) has done before.     MUSIC INTEGRATION
Dot.RGB would later change its name to Beat Drop as we wanted a stronger music presence in the game, we introduced a few "Non licensed" tracks into the unreleased versions of the game that catered around EDM (Electronic Dance Music).

In the unreleased version of the game we listened to the likes of Bassnectar and other great EDM artists, we then tested the game over and over until we introduced the idea of a music media widget that would allow you to pause the game and give the player options to skip track, pause track, repeat all, repeat 1 or shuffle the current playlists, the playlist we had already predefined for the game... Which currently consists of 3 tracks to keep the file size down.    The music player can be swiped in with your thumb from either the right or left side of the screen (catering to both left handed and right handed people) showing the current track, artists, album and album cover, even it's current genre, this will also pause the game and to up-pause you'd simply have to swipe the widget back out.    THE STORE   With the introduction of the store we wanted to give the player the ability to personalise their game play, by offering wallpapers that would replace the background art to Beat Drop, these wallpapers were originally planned to cost the player real money before it was decided that we would offer up in game currency for playing the game and watching adverts, this would mean the game stayed completely free and that the only people paying were the advertising companies, in return you would eventually be able to purchase a wallpaper and set it as a Beat Drop background, along with this feature we'd like to make it possible to download the wallpaper to the device and use it there.    The prices shown here are how much you'd have to spend of in-game currency that would be earned in-game by watching the "Watch Ad" button on the home page and playing the game, of which 10% of the points you earned would be converted into our in-game currency. 

Along with wallpapers we plan on making ball skin, the only example of these skin purchases are in the form of the lava ball.    BEAT DROP BECOMES COLOR FALL   The more we played Beat Drop the more we realised that we wanted more music integration, we wanted the game to play along with the beat and with the current version of Beat Drop it was impossible for us to integrate music into any more than we had, so we took a look at the other two games we had in the color series and decided what game was better for the next step we had in mind, and there it was, the original "Color Fall" would become our new "Beat Drop" and the old "Beat Drop" would take on the name "Color Fall"... Complicated, I'd say so.

Here's an example of what Color Fall now dubbed as Beat Drop was in its original state.      In this game mode, you will be falling on the spot and you'd have to press the color you wanted the ball to move to, doing this would move the ball, and avoid obstacles. 

This would later become our new Beat Drop and with this, we'd be able to spawn in the obstacles with the beat, kick, snare or bass of the song, all we had to do now was update it from the above GIF into the below image.      WHY PLAY TO ENHANCE   Play to enhance was an idea that I came up with when designing the game, instead of things like "Early access" or "Beta", "Play to Enhance" would just imply that the more the player plays the game, and watches adverts we as the developer would gain advert revenue which would be fed right back into making the game, as we the developers are working for free, we have spent £0 on this game, and gained £0 from making this game, thus far... But the sad truth is that we need money to function, and instead of taking money straight from the player we'd rather take money straight from advertising companies, all we ask is that you play the game so we can get these great features into the game. 

Features yet to come: - Social integration: The ability to post your score on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. - Create your own playlists (using music you've downloaded onto your mobile device) - Leaderboards. - InGame currency (gained by playing the game & watching adverts) - Store (will consist of purchasable wallpapers & ball skins using “Game currency”) - Download purchased Wallpapers to your mobile device. - Updated point system with multipliers and SFX’s. - Beat Drop (game mode) - Watch advert button (gain “Game currency” by watching adverts) - Daily rewards.



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