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About this blog

Still really new to this site and game development in general; hoping to get the help I'm seeking. I'll be posting all my questions in this blog here.

Entries in this blog


Financial Stability

I wanna thank everyone who helped me out with my last question, but now I got something possibly bigger than the last one. I just wanna know, how do you guys earn money while making your games to? Do you work a full time job and work on the game at the same time? Cause I gotta say, my full time job is awful, leaving me pretty much drained to the point I really can't do much of anything. So, I've been trying to figure out ways to earn money and work on a game at the same time. Cause I have a school debt to pay off, and now a car payment, so I can't not be working. I can't work at my current job any more for personal reasons. So I'm hoping I can get the help I'm looking for.




First Game Maker Program?

To all the game devs out there, what’s a good game design program to start with? Mainly for platformers and/or rpgs. I've heard of quite a few, but I don't know where to start.



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