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About this blog

Here is the guide on how to start a blog in WordPress.  To start a blog in WordPress, you need three things:

A domain name idea (this will be the name of your blog i.e
A web hosting account (this is where your website live on the internet)
Your undivided attention for 30 minutes.

Yes, you read it right. You can start a blog from scratch in less than 30 minutes, and we will walk you through the whole process, step by step.

Step 1. Setup
Step 2. Install WordPress
Step 3. Selecting your WordPress Theme
Step 4. Creating Your First Blog Post
Step 5. Plugins & Customizations
Step 6. Making Money From Your Blog
Step 7. Mastering WordPress

Few Questions and Answers

Can I create a blog without WordPress?

Yes, there are several other blogging platforms available. We have compared them all, and WordPress is by far the best solution in the market.

Can I create a blog without hosting?

No, that’s not possible. Web hosting is where your website files are stored. All websites need web hosting.

How much does it cost to start a blog?

The cost depends on the add-ons that you buy. We have a complete guide on how much does a WordPress website cost as well as tips on how to save money.

After creating a blog in WordPress, you need to make it SEO friendly. Thus here we have listed top websites list that will help you to increase traffic and domain authority of your website.

Social bookmarking sites
Article submission sites
Guest posting sites

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