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If you have just started to learn how to code, a WordPress theme project is an excellent way to test your skills. First, you have to be really familiar with PHP and CSS to create a WordPress theme that will look good and be fully functional. Second, you have to know how to read, interpret, tweak, pack and unpack cascading style sheets, as well as each individual line of code. Information assurance majors at Norwich University Online might be better at testing WordPress themes for security breaches than creating them, but you also will need to check your theme for vulnerabilities before you can actually use it. Consider these security tips as you create a new WordPress theme. 
Can Your Code Be Simplified?
Type in the correct CSS color code and your WordPress theme background will be teal instead of default white. Put in another line of code and all of the corners on your theme will be rounded instead of square. As you design your WordPress theme, you will want the visual details to match what you have inside of your head. At the same time, some elements are not going to be compatible simply because your code may get too complicated. If at all possible, seek to keep your lines of code as simple and direct as possible. This way, you won’t create vulnerabilities because of conflicting lines of code. 
Testing Your WordPress Theme
Even after everything appears to be perfect and functional, you will need to take your WordPress theme for a test ride. Click on all the links and see if your pages are connected properly. Do any error pages come up? Are any of your web pages wonky? Lastly, can you access websites using your WordPress theme on any web browser? Even your web host can cause differences in accessibility, database storage, and appearance. Test your WordPress theme until you are fairly certain that it works across the board but do expect to make tweaks further down the line. 
WordPress Themes and Plugins
Plugins can both a gift and a curse for WordPress users. Sometimes you will create what appears to be the perfect theme, only to learn that a particular plugin just isn’t compatible. Because plugins are developed by individuals and companies from around the world, you can’t expect them to make changes to their plugins if you find an issue. With a computer-based degree from Norwich University, you can get many more tips on developing and testing WordPress themes.
Once you know the coding languages that are necessary for making WordPress themes, much of the battle is already won. Start by looking at the source code of functional WordPress themes and see if you can tweak them to look different but still be functional. After that, you will have the ability to create a theme from scratch that has very few, if any, security vulnerabilities. Get a domain that you can use for testing purposes and keep working on your themes until you get something that looks and functions well.

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