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About this blog

Project updates here.

Entries in this blog

First Trailer

After quite long time Ive put together first trailer for the upcoming game.
In following weeks Ill be working on steam page as well.
EDIT: Steam page ->  

Items system overview

Each item can have multiple qualities which affects base stats like resistances (for armors) and damage (for weapons).

Sockets - each item can have random amount of sockets which can be used to upgrade the item.
Its possible to place there:
shards - what grants us special abilities
runes - what grants us additional bonuses Magic items - magic items are random generated ones with a prefix/suffix depending on bonuses item received. Runic - those items contains engraved runewords on them, but because of time - runewords are damaged. We can fulfill the runeword by using right runes to complete it and unlock full item power. Relict - the most rare items, connected to world's lore. Each relict item has it's own story and usually is attached to some historical person or event. Follow me on Facebook or Youtube    

February Update

Didn't update here for some time but project is still alive and doing well! Updates in the video:
- Lightning rework using Volumetric light
- Multiple levels of burst attack
- New enemies
- Weather (rain)
- Effects while going throu water pools
- Area design progress


Secret areas

Been working on some extra secrets what ended up in concept of 'Relicts'...
Sets of ancient items hidden in every map, each one will have its own story associated with the map.
After completing whole set... we will receive a reward.
Follow me on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/backtoashes/ Or twitter: https://twitter.com/DarkAstray  

BackToAshes Project

BackToAshes Project

First boss fight test

With animations from WeMyg and music track from Sam-Oz.
Need to work a bit on attack sequences but slowly getting there
Follow me on twitter -> https://twitter.com/DarkAstray  

BackToAshes Project

BackToAshes Project

First game area demo

Quick showoff of first game area.
Subscribe YT channel for more or follow me on Twitter: https://twitter.com/DarkAstray where Ill be posting more updates!  
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