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About this blog

This is about my current Project that aims to create a Dwarf Fortress Clone with added and stripped features.

Entries in this blog

#2 New System Works

I finally got the new system working. I have never made that many mistakes in an algorithm at once, which explains why it took so long for me to post an update. Anyway. Now I can run more than 10000 Humans at once (however only random walking). The World has multiple Noisemaps overlapping each other generating a much more interesting terrain. The System allows for efficient pathfinding to be implemented.  Now I will be able to do much more actual content. UI, Pathfinding and developing the systems which drive the simulation will be a big task. The 3 pictures show you the world at different states of expansion. The red dots being the humans, that explore the world and thus generate the new chunks when necessary. In case you have seen the pictures from my last entry and are wondering where the grass went. Sorry about that. It will come back eventually.

#1 Grass and Animated Sprites introduced

Hello, this time i have worked on the ability to animate sprites, small but essential system changes, growing grass (to get a gist of the basic procedure i might use), developing a field of view algorithm for the entitys that are exploring the world Watch a short clip here: Video This took me longer then expected due to some bugs I encountered in the process. Next up I will probably have to carefully think on how I will not only proceed but also if my current setup is worth keeping, as retrieveing positions with my current build is quiet a hassle and will hurt performance once I start using field of view and pathfinding algorithms. I might have to give the world a fixed size (which i have some good solutions to make that aspect a feature).  It would really help me what you guys think has to be changed with dwarf fortress in terms of gameplay, as it decides how the game is built. So I would appreciate it if you could tell me either via PM or here in the comments your opinion on the matter.

#0 Basic World Generation

This is my first Entry. I have coded myself a custom engine in C using OpenGL. I have just fixed a lot of bugs regarding the World Generation resulting in this very smooth and giganting noise World. The world is procedurally generated and can expand very far outside (depending on how much RAM you have). The Image attached shows the World that has been generated by exploration of 200 Entities in a few seconds. The World is made up of Chunks which are 16*16 Segments (or blocks might be more familiar to you). At the same time it has about 5 layers rendered ontop of each other giving the world the depth that it needs. It is of course laggy when zooming out at this scale. 
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