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Missiles have been sent across the world. Animals and people that weren’t protected during this “attack” have been known to experience erotic behaviors and strange body changes.

22 year old, Diego, and his 25 year old sister, Reyna, travel across states, with 2 kids and a lamb, to get it to a sanctuary, where animals that haven’t been introduced to the acid or Flakka, are being taken.

Notes: This is just and idea. Any help to make this idea become true would be greatly appreciated. I’ll be updating when I have a new idea that I want to put out or when I have done some concepts that I have drawn.


Project - Drawing 21228577717.png

Nausea - Drawing 3603961045.png

Nausea - Drawing 2182900952.png

Nausea - Drawing 1201782750.png

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