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About this blog

I am the big fan of MCU [Marvel Cinematic universe] I love to watch Marvel superheroes movies. I don't know when I become a die heart fan of Marvel movies. But my first favorite Marvel superhero was Ironman when I was just fifteen. And now I am a young girl. I love to watch Ironman cartoon TV series in my childhood and it was starting to watch Marvel superhero TV series.  At that time I don't know much more about all the Marvel Superheroes. But when I watch my first Marvel movies Ironman in 2008.

 I was so happy and at that time I was just 19. But since I was watching his series in past. So the first movie is very special to me. I still remember the fighting scenes in the movie. After that day my life is really changed and I become a big fan of Marvel movies and never missed any Marvel movies. Even in 2018 Marvels, I started my marvel journey by Watch Black Panther 2018 online and Avengers Infinity war movie is the last Movie I watched 10 times. This is the craziness I know but I can't stop my self-watching Marvel movies again and again.

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