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It's been a long time since I wrote in my journal. So hello!

I was working on the tictactoe opengl and got sidetracked with learning old stuff such as MFC and DLLs and I'm now working on .Net. I getting pretty comfortable now with C++ in these frameworks. My plan is to learn some advanced techniques in these areas before I begin again on game programming. Well hope everyone is doing well and I'll speak to you again when I get a game out.

Busy again

Well, I've been pretty busy again at work, but I have written my 3d loader. Now I just got to put together a simple game by Tuesday. I don't think I will submit it to anywhere until I can polish it up (not that they would want it LOL).

Anyway, I was searching around for some fuzzy material and found this tutorial that Fuzzy Logic beginners may want to read. It's short and pretty good from what I can tell: Link

Hip to be Square

Still working on my 3ds loader. I know, I know.. "Nick, too slow man, way too slow..." Hey man, it's cool, I mean, yeah, I go slow, but slow is good, and it is good to be slow. I love lamp.

There's just something about getting an email from Ma. Fatima that makes me a non-believer. Maybe I'm biased. Oh well.
Hi there,

I just came across this new program which involves no selling at all. You don't have to attend any meetings and there are no pressures whatsoever.
It's a very simple program with easy to follow steps which are designed to help anyone, newbies or experts alike, create a steady stream of income for home. Head over here to get more info.


You can use the system to help you build your existing business and/or add it to your business portfolio.

Happy regards.

Ma. Fatima

If not interested with our proposal don't hesitate to email us with the subject "remove me" so we can remove you from our mailing list...

Yeah, Ma. Fatima... whatever you say. By the way, green jelly beans give you magical powers to sell real estate.

Anyway, I've got a case-based reasoning tutorial in mind since all my other tutorials got wiped. Give me a chance to get inspired.

I used a poor sampling rate, but here is my future prediction of gaming fun levels.
I've been reading up a little on 3ds loaders and there is a lot of code on the web. This has opened up a can of worms since a lot of them have loaders for jpeg, gif, etc. It's kind of fun learning about the different file formats. This has also forced me to delve into the realm of fstream and figuring that out. The "C++ Primer" was a little lacking on the subject, but with a little practice I can write small files. This again has opened up another can of worms (which are delicious with corn syrup by the way), since now I want to learn more about XML. Does it ever end? No, apparently. This is fine by me, but I need to finish up this TicTacToe game.

Yesterday I messed around with Blender and trying to make a "Law & Order" spoofy startup sequence called "Naughts & Crosses" I recorded with my voice the cheesy opening, "In the TicTacToe system, the game is represented by three separate and equal parts, the board, which determines the state of the game, the X's and the O's. Use the numeric keypad." (boom) (boom) (Law and Order music)

Anyway, if you are reading this glSmurf, I got your PM and intend to respond. Sorry, just been so distracted as you can see.

Also seems like my old tutorials are gone from the journal. Gamedev, must have burped them up into the trash. ???

Visual translation of text above:


My computer harddrive bombed out and so I decided to install RAID 0 on two harddrives. It bombed out again, so I'm working on two drives separately now. Installation keeps your productivity at home at an all time low. I should be back to business again soon.

In other news, the stone has not passed yet as far as I know. I've been diligently using my screener at home and at work. At least I'm feelin' no pain.


Little flakes of snow are falling in Atlanta. It's kind of nice. My first snow in my new home. Now if all the pipes burst and cause a flood, I'll know it's a sign that plumbing is not my friend this year (including my internal plumbing).If I feel up to it today, it's time for me to write the dreaded (err or copy the dreaded) .3ds or .X loader for my models and finish off this tictactoe game. The nice thing about playing around with Blender, you can see what different effects do to a model such as different materials, perspectives, animations, texture mapping (cube, sphere, etc.) etc.
Well, today I went to the hospital for the first time. I had a really intense pain in the right lower abdomen that has been coming and going for about 1 1/2 weeks. This morning it got really bad so I crawled my way to the emergency room. The pain was like a very bad stomach cramp from my lower back to my family jewels. Normally, I just dismiss this as bad luck at taco bell and take a few Pepto. By the time I got to the emergency room, the pain was gone again thank goodness. To make a long story short, I was scanned, poked, prodded, violated, and then I found out it was a medium sized kidney stone sitting between my kidney and bladder. Owwww. If you take Pepto Bismol, it makes your stool turn black... and thus I was forced to take a rectal exam in the back woods of Georgia. At least I have a nice vial of strong painkillers to help me forget. Thank you for good nurses and doctors.


A little texturing work. Ok, the door is a little ... um... well... not good, and the texturing is... how do you say? sucky? But it's a start.

If any beginners are wanting to try Blender out, here is what I'm following (though some of the keys have changed since version 1.5). I guess a little animation is next.
Blender is fun. Well, it's fun learning anyway. I made a castle. It just needs to be textured which is the next step of the tutorials I'm following.

Behold, Castle Georgianstein! Free ale! Lots of traffic!

Well, now that I had a little fun with particles in OpenGL. It is time to work on 3D models. This week will consist of working with Blender and going through the tutorials on their website. I need to get comfortable with Blender and then I need to figure out what type of model format I want to use. Thus, my schedule to create TicTacToeOGL will be:

1) Learn the basics of Blender (Jan 30-Feb 5)
2) Choose a model format and write some code to read the models and animations (Feb 6-Feb 12)
3) Start coding the game (some of this has been already done--the game not the frills) (Feb 13-19)
4) Dance around in terror looking at the bugs (Feb 20-26)
5) Release the final version on (Feb 28) on GameDev.net

Oh crap, the deadline date is getting close. I need to go vacuum the floors, mow the lawn,... ok ok, i'm procrastinating.

Well, I've begun the trek to making my first OGL game called TicTacToeOGL.
After hours of forgetting to set the projection and trying to figure out why nothing was displaying, I finally made some triangles jump around. Growing pains hurt! This is for some effects I wanted for the TicTacToe game, so I'm fiddling first. It works pretty well for a beginner I guess.


I am sooooo tired. I had to work all weekend and the week before non-stop on some reports. OK whining over. I can't wait to get back to C++. Which will be in a couple more days.

Someone tell me what's been going on in the world? I haven't been in it.
Well, I tried to start a thread on AI ideas for games. glSmurf was the only one who responded. I don't know why, I'm pretty sure people are interested. I'll try to keep it going for a while, maybe people will join in.

In other news, it was a rainy day today. Got quite a bit of work to do and probably will be sitting around in the chat room (lurking) while I do it. I still am unhappy with some notation in the little tutorial. I think I will change it a bit.
Here is just the regular 2D TicTacToe game. It's just more C++ practice for me. This time I was just trying out vectors a little. There is no AI with the Computer player. I know, lame, but you are free to use these to try some AI if you wish. I'll probably be concentrating on classes and polymorphism next.

Other than that pretty much a nice day today. I hope everyone else is having a nice weekend.

Man, I really want to jump into the OpenGL again, but I believe this approach will be better in the long run.

Short Term Goals:
1. Practice C++ until I feel comfortable with some goodies from STL and OOP design.
2. Make a OpenGL version of TicTacToe and TicTacToe3D by end of February.

Tic Tac Toe 3D

I made a little game in Windows Console called TicTacToe3D. You can get it here if you want to give it a try. It's nothing really exciting I suppose. If anyone wants to look at the code and give me comments on the style, please do (besides my laziness to comment hehe).

This was just a program to practice passing arrays to functions and using references and pointers. Right now you play against a computer that chooses a random position. I'll try and add some AI later.


Well I've been reading "Beginning C++ Game Programming" and I never realized how much I didn't know about classes, arrays and pointers. I need more practice. Therefore, I am going to scale back a bit and leave OpenGL a while and try to learn C++ better and OOP design. My assumptions in the past about how to program a class must be unlearned. When I designed "Tailgater" in the first GameDev contest I mostly followed Lamothe's examples. I could make a simple game relatively quickly, but the understanding was weak. Thus, I am turning over a new leaf and concentrating on programming simple games (maybe just windows console for a while) in C++. It shall be fun. I will make it fun!

In other news, I looked at Support Vector Machines a little more closely. It seems that this methodology is much like any other classifier, but it tries to find separation hyperplanes (just talking about the linear SVMs) that maximize the distance between training points that are close to the hyperplanes. It's pretty interesting, but I haven't tried to implement an algorithm as yet.

Someone posted some interesting link in the AI forum about flocking. This was a wonderful link. I have some plans to do some type of flocking with NNs. I'll just have to find the time. Anyway. Back to the future.


MLANN = Multilayer Artifical Neural Network

I made a C++ class that implements a 3-layer neural network as shown below. I tested it out by trying to make it learn cos(x) and x^2. You can download the code here. (VS2005)

Whew, now I can go do some reading. "My house smells of rich mahogany and I have many leather bound books."

Here are a few pictures.

I spent more time on the forums to answer some neural network questions. This was fun, but my planned day to do some reading ended up kaput! I think I read one page during the whole day.

In other news, Bengals lost so that's a bummer and I ran out of peanut butter.
After hours of trying to figure out why my program using strings would not compile, I found that my VC 2005 compiler settings automatically included the old VC98 headers. Holy potatoes Batman! Well now I can get back to learning and trying to get a Targa file opened. Man, what a setback! I think I need a drink.

Yay, texture mountain picture in background.

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