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End of the Line is a survival #horror game with important choices at every turn that can change your ending or lead to a quick demise. 

Your name is Carl Todaro, born and raised in the poor streets of Chesvern, you have made many poor choices. However, your choice to try and rob a bank has to be your poorest one yet. Everything has gone wrong and a bad luck streak has landed you helpless in the abandoned Chesvern Metro Line. As you attempt to escape, you learn why the subway was left to rot while something learns more about you.

Entries in this blog

End of the Line Progress (10/10/2018)

"End of the Line" development has been at its fastest since the beginning of development, trying to reach its mid-late December Alpha release! Some amazing work has gone into the planning of such a complex story universe with many characters, groups, and locations all coming together to form one story. Expect the hints of the large mysteries involved in the series to start coming out around Halloween! Gameplay-wise, the game has received some major fixes and work on the code since the beginning of the month. Most of the voice actors planned have recorded their necessary lines so we're waiting on some last minute stragglers to finish up! It's very exciting to see all the effort that people are putting in for this game. A new story route is being finalized which will change the end drastically and allow for more choices to affect gameplay. The interactivity between the enemy and environment is being implemented as I type! It has been an amazing week for development and I can't wait to update all of you guys!

Plummet Studios

Plummet Studios

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