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About this blog

A blog on the development of a 3D walking simulator with interactive arcade games.

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What's a frog TODO?

Froggy's Arcade This is a learning project for me. I kinda know what needs to be done, just not necessarily how to do it.
This is not an entry into the Frogger competition but might become one if I make steady progress. This will not use a prebuilt engine. TODO - Will become more detailed. "World" is the 3D arcade environment with no collision detection and a constant floor level.
"Game" is an arcade game inside the 3D environment. Game is a non-interactive display only to start with. Create a generic game cabinet model and the artwork.
Program basic 2d ball bouncing display monitor than can be positioned in 3d.
Program basic world FPS camera controls and make some walls and a floor.
Get arcade game assembly working in world. The assembly is the cabinet with the working display that can be positioned in the world.
Get several copies of arcade game working in world.
Make ceiling, doors, front windows, signs.
Create some arcade like prop models such as gumball machine, soda machine, changer
Update ball game assembly to have controls for a paddle and make playable from environment.
Add sounds to game.
Create Frogger game using ball game as a starting template.
Create arcade full of Frogger games
Create street full of arcades.
Create town full of streets.
Create county full of towns.
Create state full of counties.
Create Frogger USA.
Sorry, got carried away... Possible features:
Collision detection.
Basic physics to knock over things.
Basic scene graph.
Better lighting than ambient.



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