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Development Blog for Nyasar

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Unity 2D Lighting System and Backend Update

UPDATE Update System I have just finished the back-end programming for update game data using unity asset bundle, Firebase?!! and setting some Google Firebase Features for login in Play Games Service, storing user data (Money, Username, etc), and store game data for update (asset bundles). Offline Mode I made some code to handle game if it is has no internet connection. Lighting System I try to research 2D Dynamic Lighting System with Normal Map and other methods. Animation I put some 2D animation for lighting system research. Assets My Game Artist still busy, so I still try to make the graphic assets for research purpose, I really do not want to hurt your eyes 😉.



Unity Nyasar Feature Update

Weather System I am currently working on the weather system that can affect cold, so the player need to find warm place to sleep/stay .



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