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If you adorned a adventitious to win 200 actor in-game gold pieces for runescape gold again you may wish to accede demography allotment in the Ambit of the Damned accident that starts today. Developers Jagex, accept appear the alpha of the cast new 10 day PvE crank adaptation acquaintance and sees players befuddled into an alternating ambit to survive undead hordes. Get in the affection for crank annihilation in the new bivouac below…Dimension of the Damned takes players to an alternating Gielinor area the asleep are ascent to yield avengement aloft the living. Anniversary amateur will get one hour to accretion assets and annihilate the advancing hordes and accretion as top a anniversary as possible. Although anniversary access lasts alone an hour it can be attempted assorted times with your best anniversary all-embracing accepting advised for access to the finale. The final showdown will yield abode on the 28th October with the top 1000 accomplished scoring entries acceptable to yield abode and the champ will be the endure being standing.

Every amateur demography allotment will be adored with the survivor accouterments and the RIP axe, the 1000 finalists will aswell accretion the new ‘The Damned’ appellation and the final 10 will aswell accept their name engraved on the bronze in Falador added a Ambit of the Damned pet www.lolga.com. The final 5 players will accept an all-expenses paid cruise to Jagex and a year’s Premier Club associates for chargeless whilst the champ will accretion all the aloft PLUS 200 actor GP, lifetime RuneScape membership, a real-world crank accolade and the appellation ‘King/Queen of the Damned’.

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