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Well, this is my first time visiting this site and first time posting a blog. Two birds with one stone, eh? My name's Jessica Green, or ODDVIKINGSTUDIOS. I've been messing around in Unity for about 3 years now, and never really picked up much. I've made three games that weren't very good in my opinion, but I knew a lot more then than I do now. I had to take a break for health reasons, and now I feel like I'm starting over from scratch. I've been watching Holistics3D's channel for help, and that's been a massive improvement in my coding abilities. I've also made plenty of use of Unity's Scripting API page and their Tutorials section. Both of these things have helped me a lot so far, and I'm finally at a point where I am getting started on creating my first game in a long time. I'd like to keep it simple, but it's quite difficult to do so because I've always been ambitious. I love a challenge, but I also get easily overwhelmed if I pack myself down with a bunch of things. I don't quite know what to make for a first game either, so I've been playing around with a few ideas. Well, just wanted to say hello and introduce myself to the blog, really. I'll try to post my progress every now and then. It's nice to meet all of you.

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Advice (Updated) Struggling With Remembering What I've Learned.

Well, in my journey (and completion) of learning C#, I've come upon a rather peculiar problem. I don't know if it has to do with having high-functioning autism, which I do, but I seem to struggle to remember anything related to this. If I see it and am given an example I can copy and reproduce results from a simple tutorial, I can do it usually without error (if not too complex). When I attempt to write my own script, my brain completely goes white. I can't remember or figure out how to use different parts of the C# language, and it's like attempting to read Chinese when I look through Unity's Scripting API and look for other tutorials for supplemental learning. I take notes, I pay full attention to the videos and interact along with them, and I do attempt solitary practice. I just can't seem to get anything to "stick" to the point where it makes sense outside of a learning example. I can't seem to apply what I'm learning in reality, and it's becoming a great problem. Does anyone have any advice for getting this stuff to stick? I've always been a visual learner and a hands-on learner, but with logical stuff that isn't within the realms of art has always been something I've had a hard time learning and remembering later on. I appreciate any advice you can give. Thank you. EDIT: Updated on 11/11/2018 because I've been sick and busy AF with stuff outside of coding. I have been making great headway thanks to the set of tutorials made by http://rbwhitaker.wikidot.com. I was recommended this tutor by the user Septopus, and good gods has he been helpful at breaking down the stuff I didn't understand. I've been following along with the beginning C# tutorials, and will move on to MonoGame ones when I am comfortable. I cannot thank you all enough for the support and encouragement you've given. Just another sign I should keep going with this. Take care! 



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