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If we visited Jagex endure year it was on the border of a renaissance. A new owner, a new CEO and a new-look HQ. 'The third age of Jagex' was the band we were accepting fed, and it all looked actual promising www.lolga.com.Twelve months afterwards and I'm aback in foreground of CEO Phil Mansell. There's been a lot of Jagex action in that time - at atomic in agreement of cast promotion, application and conferences - but little to in fact appearance us what Jagex 3.0 is traveling to attending like. The hints he alone endure year about new amateur and new initiatives accept yet to apparent into annihilation tangible."Last year was my aboriginal abounding year as CEO, and the aboriginal abounding year with our new owners," Mansell explains. "The aboriginal bisected of that year was actual abundant about accepting our eyes in place, alive with the staff, accomplishing our bazaar research, talking with the industry... so that we can accept the lay of the land. There was in fact a lot of self-reflection, if we are honest. Cerebration about what Jagex is in fact acceptable at."

That has now embodied itself into a "three angled strategy." And the aboriginal is the aforementioned bold that has authentic the antecedent two ages of Jagex: RuneScape.Making runescape gold a antecedence for Jagex may complete obvious, but the close has fabricated the aberration of not searching afterwards it before. During the era of that blighted Transformers title, RuneScape began to wane. It had become neglected. Over the accomplished four years that has afflicted - including the barrage of the nostalgia-tinged Old School RuneScape - and the after-effects accept been apparent to see."A few weeks ago we had our accomplished aiguille circumstantial user akin for eight years," Mansell reveals. "In agreement of cable levels, it's the accomplished for seven and a bisected years. Those amateur are traveling through a complete renaissance, and not just as a one off. We've had four years of constant advance now."

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