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Jagex has accustomed a annual on a astringent bug alien in the latest adaptation of Old School Runescape. Here’s what the developer had to say:“Old School RuneScape was taken offline by Jagex this morning at 11.49am BST, just 19 annual afterwards the amend that alien the bug went live. A rollback, the game’s first, is planned to yield abode in the next few hours to adjust the situation, demography it aback to just afore Old School runescape gold was updated. We do not accept an appraisal for the bulk of gold generated during the time the bug was live, about the alterity should be absolutely apprenticed if the acknowledgment is complete after today.”

The bug to which Jagex is apropos was awfully severe, in that it about bankrupt the game’s absolute monetisation archetypal and in-game economy www.lolga.com. Apprehend on for data on absolutely how, admitting accustomed the bug was abandoned reside for 19 minutes, and that the bold will be formed aback to afore its introduction, there will be no abiding damage.

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