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About this blog

This is a Blog for those who want to follow the Developement of the game Sprint ! 

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Dev Blog #1 : First Day of programing

So the project as kicked off , we worked alot last night and today. First we putted on paper brand new idea to put in the gameplay , One of them was really original and will actually be added in our game. The idea was to restrict the player action when they her carrying the enemy Core. Not only the player will be slower (Since speed his a really important aspect of the game) , but they wouldn't be abble to use any ability or weapon other then the core himself... In melee. We tough the idea was funny and could spice thing up.  Now this is the first dev note :  1- FPS Controller done  2- Health system Done and we also putted a really simple HUD. The health system work pretty much like in every game , but we are thinking about removing the naturel health regen in the future.  3- We are currently working on the armor System , This should look alot like what we have in Quake. Player can have more armor then their max armor value bot it will decay over time.  What's next ? : 1- Weapon and Damage system 2- Inventory system , Polishing our curent HUD  3- First Character (Movement Mecanics , Hability). 4- Team Lobby , Map , Thecore , Game Lobby and Character selection screen.   




Currently Streaming

So i decided to start working on our project while streaming ! Come and enjoy :D   https://youtu.be/OVWdXdhp_T4



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