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lost in an extra spatial dimension

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Growing plants

Had a good idea recently, I don't know how well it will work, but the idea is a SQL database that holds information on millions of items like bits of gravel, plants etc... Procedurally generated stuff is probably much more efficient and nicer, but I want my plants to grow!
Here's a screenie-

and on the game front, these new turrets are giving me jib. I hadn't counted on joining separate baddies together, so a bit of a rework is in order. I reckon the turrets are worth it though-




turrets demo

finally! bullets, collision, enemy loader

I'll be deleting old demos, the most recent one will be called "game-date" in here-


and on the todo list:
smoke, explosions, more enemies...




not much to report

slowly getting there... dynamic lighting, smoke/boosters, energy bars...

still not done shooting or enemies yet.




the fruits of milkshape

Ah well I don't regret buying that copy of MilkShape3D for my artist, he's had a go and made me this animated walker thingy that will march around on the floor launching rockets

lose the gun on its head and its two down, four to go!

nothing else to report, so i'll post up some old crap.
this little thing is a graphics mode selector for Irrlicht.
Its an ugly VB app and I only use it for testing my exes on other people's systems, but with a bit of work it could become quite nice. For now it works as intended and I dont plan on filling it out until we release a game.




playing around

shields with particles

and because you can never have enough screenshots, 'heres one I made earlier', a snap of my CCloudSceneNode class in action

I'm proud of them, they're awesome. I even got featured on Niko's blog. Now thats fame for ya!
There's a demo here




Just signed up


Today I was supposed to be making a weapons layer for my shoot em up, but instead I got roped in to this Three Hour Game Development Contest 2.
I didn't quite get the game finished (it lacks water), and the competition was pretty good too, so I don't expect to get first or second place... so I bought a gamedev+ subscription anyway.

here's the game:

use a & s to move the stretcher, put the fires out with the mouse. 10 deaths and you're sacked, and please don't soak the victims!
All gfx are original apart from the fireman, which was googled.

contest page

oh yeah, and I also made this shield:

it's an irrlicht scene node. you give it a size, parent, energy, recharge rate, bitmap sequence and a frame count, then hit it with energy from a direction, for a duration.



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