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Journey in XNA devlopment

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Brodcast Flag and Other issues

So over the past few days Ive gotten back to normal after getting our new puppy and ive got back to work on my application.

I've got the cycle for new users and loging in to the application started and it Works! :) After that I quickly decied that a broadcast flag would make the world easier so that no one can see the others passwords in the chat :D

Anyways thats all taken care of and i'm making some good progress. Ok i'll post more later.





New puppy so i haven't had time to program the past two nights hopefully get somestuff done tomorrow. Pups always take your energy :/




Non blocking to blocking

After reviewing how my app was working I went ahead for performance shake and kicked my server over from a 0 second select loop non blocking server to a blocking server. One select to rule them out. It took me about an hour or two to understand how to work every part of select but I think I got it down and am looking foward to seeing how it will work out properly once every things put back together. Kinda feel like im moving my room around with this function in the corner and another on the bed all jumbled out because of this change. Oh well i'll be working into the night to get it fixed and then we'll see how the change went.

On another note, I think GTA is a great series I love it but I dont see how every vendor for reviews can say its the 10/10 perfect game. I mean like I said I like it but I dont think its perfect. Any one else agree or should I just shut up :P?




UserInfo File

Sweet I got my laptop up and running at full speed and I got back to work tonight. So after finshing up some more commenting I started work on the userinfo file. This file is going to save the users data so that we can validate an inputed password even after the user logs off and back on. Also this will save there state and other things so that i can make sure that there not a new user amongst other things.

I got the function in place. Put in the function to open a file and create one if theres not one there. Also got it to close. But alast it has been a long night and im going to call it here. So tomorrow I'll be working on the loop to read in the structured objects of the users saved data and get the function squared away.




Vista to XP :P

Yeah so I got a laptop this week. I figured If im going to be serious this time with my devlopment I need a home base. I decied it didnt really have to be a power house either so I went with the 400 dollar presario c75n1r. Nice specs to 1gig ram, dual core pentium at 1.7ghz also 120gb hard drive.

The thing ofcourse thats really driving me up the wall is the switch back to xp. Since all laptops at the stores were carrying vista I had to switch my box back to a xp/linux bootup. What nightmare, hp wont even acknowledge any existance of xp drivers for my laptop even though they exist. Keep spiting out that it wasn't made for xp. What a bunch of crap stupid people.

Well I think im set on the windows side. all the drivers are inplace and all my applications are set after 12 hours :P of work. Anyways now on to my linux side and then I can get back to programing.

Vista lol what a joke :/




House Keeping part 2

Spent most of the day cleaning up the mess made by adding in buffer overflow checks to my strings and also making sure that the buffer would allow 6000 charchters instead of just 500.

While I was in the process of that I got sucked into adding fixing the functions and all the files up with some nice comment explination. Of course I think it can be said that comments are the things we work least at but its just like cleaning the house. Once its done every thing just seems nicer and better. So I tagged all my files with my information and comments spruced them up and made them look great. Hopefully that does it for house keeping for now.

Now on to making my program recongize all my administrator tags via /T
I can only hope that tomorrow I can prove more productive then today :)




Checks and Balances

Ive spent the day mostly working on some checks. As my users so apparently pointed out and enacted was a buffer over flow error. They just stick 3000 charchters in a buffer ment for 500 and walla crash city. So I spent a few hours adding in a check to make sure it does not go over size as well as increasing the buffer it self to 6000 on my chat app. Hopefully this will stop there joking around :P

Also added in a version check so that the server client will only match up with the proper client version. Good times.

Now that its out of the way tomorrow im going to be focusing on adding the improvements needed to actively scan for tag commands added to strings. Once I get this I can start up a new user script to get a password and some other information. Finally one day I will get to my jumble command!

In other news I came up with the idea that I should make a command prompt version of checkers thats networked. This will continue to hone my socket skills as well as make for a easily hiddable and fun past time when the bosses are not looking :P I'll keep you up to date.

Last but not least variable source is looking for new members. Its just me for right now but im trying to make a big enough group for projects and possibly meetings. Its tampa bay area in florida but any ones welcomed to join. Let me know!




Clean Up Code

So today I spent most of my time cleaning up the client code to my little chat app. Anyways I hate cleaning when I know I could be comming up with something thats alot funner but got to keep priorties straight. So I got the main loop down to just about 20 lines with ever thing else outsourced to a header and c files.

I also added in support for if checks on the text that the server receive's from the client apps. This will setup the system so that when a user types in say /T EXIT it will kill the users session. Some others I plan on using later ofcourse is /T JUMBLE for a jumble game that the whole chat will get to have fun with. Possibly with scores but then if I dont included scores whats the point right :D?

I was able to get pretty much all the house keeping done. So tomorrow I think i'll start on the exit command and if that doesnt take to long perhaphs even start the jumble split.

My users also want me to add in color so Ive set aside a field in the user struct mainly for this. See if we cant squezze in the finally calls to the setconsolecolor function from windows. Ive already got the handle declared so shouldn't take to much. Ok more to come later.




Chat Update.

So yeah im back updateing this journal as I should be. We shall see how long I can keep it up. Here's hoping.

Anyways, Ive been actually working on a nice little application. Ive started doing socket programing in the past few weeks because i'm designing a chat application for me and my friends at work.

You know one that you dont have to install and wont be put in the registry. All that aside I know its not a game but I figured the socket programing will become worth more then anything I can think of towards my goal of making games so I figured I would post about its creation.

So far its an actual working application. Its small compact accepts about five clients for right now(only because thats how many of us there are) it has two sides one for a server and one as a dummy client. Now since I haven't done threads before I decied to go for one big loop and using the select command.

The application is up and running but nearly not finshed. Right now im going back and fixing up my error checking, cleaning up the code and making checks.

I'll post more about it next post. Im working on an idea for a jumble function along those lines of IRC chat rooms (;) hah game right there man) anyways, I wanted to know, what do you guys think is the thread idea better or is using the select function fine? Will I get more out of using threads or is it so small scale that it wouldn't be worth it?




Side step.

Ok so on my way of making my game I have to get allegro down. Well its just not going to work with out practice. So Im stoping Eight for a week or two to work on a simple "Falling Blocks" Game :P

Currently in between the stupidy of my job and what little fun I get at home im carving out my strucs for my blocks right now. In alittle while i'll start work on getting them animated into the game, and go from there.

So with this little one to two week diverson i hope I'll gain more insight into allegro and put what I've learned about it so far.

Sketchy Ideas for my block struc Include:

int x;
int y;
int center[2];
int edgeA[edgeAPixelLength];
int edgeB[edgeBPixelLength];
int edgeC[edgeCixelLength];
int edgeD[edgeDPixelLength];

Will have more after, more thought of course!





Split Stuff

So to keep the two seperate, Ive changed my myspace into a site for my Games story devlopment. I'll write the pices and lore over there to get ready for my game.

All my hard code achivments will be noted here on game dev. This gives me seperation, and I will know exactly what im doing with each. Also for those that may only want to hear about coding :D

Anyways on to more allegro. Im starting my sound part of it tonight, as well as continue on visual. Work makes my learning slow. Oh how I wish i could take forever off to learn.

Anyways I'll let you guys know more of the functions I learn for the game later.





Got it, my first sprite displayed, and with no errors. Im happy.

Lol I tried showing some people at work, most were like thats uh great really its just a sprite, but there were those few that understood the work it took to get it up there and understanding it.

Fun times, now Ive just got to explore some more stuff ofcourse with the API.

Im just really happy about the sprite.

Anyways back to work.





Hello Word (Again)

Finally Ive got started.

I worked all day yesterday to get it installed and then ran though my first tutorial. And I couldnt be happier.

All in All I was able to switch the resolution of the screen and write out hello word in colored text, against a colored background.

Now I will keep on pushing.

Here I come sprites :)






After searching for a few days, I found a great article in our own forums about how to get it installed for winXP using DevC++ and my first test program worked.

That was fun, so now I can start some tutorials on the lib.






As I said before, while im learning Allegro I will be tracking my story and details of the game like charchters and items here. It will be good to plan that so when I get ahold of allegro I wont have to spend time doing this.

Ok main Char will be: elios Hyperion, birth not known, resides on neptune, a Mineing outpost.

I really dont want to set her looks right now, as this will be something I want the graphics person to take time with, if thats not me down the road.

She will be Female, im going to say about 26 - 27 ish in age. Smart but unlucky for being born to where she will be in the story.

hmm...ok chapter1 Neptune I will start writing on later, also im having a blast installing Allegro ! no really i am :)

Ahh I just have to savor it, your only a newbie once.

Oh and I cant not forget this, the title has changed, It will be Eight, not Nine, most smart people here I bet will figure out why that is because of the story being about the solar system, but i dont want to ruin a suprise I will be building into the game for the enduser. Cool beans.





Pixiel not so perfect

Over the past week ive come to realize that SDL may not be the best fit for just C games. So Ive looked around some more and came across allegro lib for c. The lib seems pretty nice, im working on the process of getting it installed properly and the begging tutorials.

Please let me know if you guys think Allegro's a mistake or not, im not fully sure.

As for now, why i'm learning Allegro im going to be filling my board with story outlines for my game. Seeing as it will be an RPG, it should not have a horrible story or crappy one there of.

So coming soon, Chapter 1: Neptune.

P.S. Let me know what you guys think of Allegro.




Pixiel perfect.

So I read my first pixiel drawing tutorial on the SDL lib for C. This will be fun ^-^

However, sarcasm aside I was pleasently suprised to see that reading it felt easier then ever. So here we go with the drawing tutorials and getting use to SDL. I'll try to work more on it tonight.

I still need to decied what will be my main linux or windows for this game. Most likely linux as my last major problem with it (wireless card) detected fine on ubuntus fiesty. So we will see.

Also I hope its starcraft 2!, my fav startgy game ever. We can hope right :D




Fine Art

Ok so another update.

More of the story for my RPG fleshes out, it will deal with a far off year, 2439 or some thing i have to double check my notes.

Also im going for 2D on my first major project. Im aiming for a kind of chrono trigger type style on my graphical art. Now seeing as how i proably can not draw those worth a crap I might have a friend draw the sprites and backgrounds.

Any idea how much work the drawing? Ive not done much and I want to know what im asking of someone.

Also Ive started skiming over SDL's video and draw section. So we will see were we go.







I came up with it finally, and during enlighs 2 class :D

I will call it Nine,

It will be a space drama RPG, and we shall see were it goes from there.

I'll let you know more information about it as I come up with it this week.




School and Games

Summer Classes Start today, fun. More time that I cant program. Well for now right :)

Anyways Been reviewing the video part of SDL over the past few hours this week that I get. Start diving in code wise in the next day or two.

Also I think my Game will take place in space. Maybe honor bound? for a title. Maybe will have to think.

Ok more later.




2D of Fun

Im kind of excited. Ive decied to go with my old lanuage of C and make a 2D rpg. In the past Ive been confused from the console applications jump to 2D game devlopment. However I found a really good post here on Gamedev and it kinda has cleared a few things up.

So ive decied to go with C, and my libery I will be using is SDL. So right now im just getting my feet wet with all the functions in SDL.

I'll let you guys know soon what the title and type of game it will be. Then I will start the design and idea phase!




School and Work

School starts soon,

Been reading up on 2D programing, hopefully start work on a game project in the next week or two. Lifes just ever so busy.

Project has yet to be determined, but Im pretty sure a crap RPG is order as i love story telling and RPG genera in general.

Cool, more later.





New Job,
New Enviorment,
New House,
New Lanuage!

C++ Here I come.




Previous Comments

The dungeon changing every turn sounds pretty cool. I'll see what I can add for it.

As for what im writing in. Im using C its the lanuage im learning as of right now. Network is most likely out of the question for now. As this is just a single person mini fight game. Still it would be nice to add to a later version perhaphs. Thanks.





Ok so right now im at work, and ofcourse im working on my idea map for my mini game. What else would you do.

Ok ive mapped out ideas for the following

display mainbar
update mainbar
display description
user damage
enemy damage

These are a few of the function ideas im working with. Im hopeing to get started in a few more days. Just want to make sure I flesh out most of the ideas first. No need to rush.



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