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19 yr old at UNH Current project: 2-D side scrolling action/adventure/rpg

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Hey! I have completely forgotten that I get a developer's journal with my GDNet account!

Well to start off my name is Austin, I'm 19 years old and I am currently a sophomore at the University of New Hampshire. I started programming when I was in highschool, but my school was really ghetto and didn't have any good computer classes at all.

My first game was about me and my band (www.needforpanic.com) saving the world from a horde of evil aliens, but that never got finished and was very poorly programmed!

My next game, The Army of Minos, took me about the rest of highschool to finish, and is again very poorly programmed, but actually came out pretty cool. I don't think I posted the source code anywhere, but it's all in one big file (29,000+ lines long!). You can check it out in the showcase here.

I gotta go right now - but I'll get to my current project next time!

(PS I hope the html i put in this works!)

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